Have you changed your putter since the PGA banned anchoring?

The ban is “almost” official… In 2016 anchoring your putter is no longer allowed.  This will likely cause a spike in putter changes, since in the last few years, more than 40% of golfers switched to belly or long putters.  While making the switch back keep in mind that your putter length, even for a belly putter, should put your eyes over the ball or just slightly inside the ball.  If you are too far inside or on top of the ball, your ability to see the putting line will be impaired and you could push or pull your putts.  Standard length putters are anywhere from 30″ to 36″ while belly putters are in the range of 38″ to 44″.  For more information on putters and putter fittings, contact D’Lance at 303-730-2717.