Golf Digest Equipment Hot List 2021

The first official start to the golf season, in my opinion, is the release of the Golf Digest Equipment Hot List.  The team convenes in the fall a literally spends a couple weeks testing equipment from several manufacturers.  This year, they considered 270 entries and awarded 137 medals.   Here is the Link…

The Top Finishers Are:

Drivers (8 Gold, 6 Silver)

Fairway Woods (10 Gold, 2 Silver)

Hybrids (8 Gold, 5 Silver)

Players Irons (11 Gold, 3 Silver)

Players-Distance Irons (11 Gold, 2 Silver)

Game Improvement Irons (11 Gold, 3 Silver)

Super Game Improvement Irons (9 Gold, 2 Silver)

Wedges (12 Gold, 3 Silver)

Mallet Putters (14 Gold, 3 Silver)

Blade Putters (12 Gold, 4 Silver)


We have virtually all of the heads here for fitting so schedule your new or repeat customer fitting now.  Lead times during this COVID situation are still 4-6 weeks so don’t hesitate.  Schedule Your Fitting Here!!

How to Select YOUR New Clubs 

Aesthetics – Look, Sound and Feel

In our experience in clubfitting over the years, you have to select a club head that looks good to your eye, sounds good when you hit it in the fitting and has the feel you desire.  It is pretty strange but sometimes a golfer will not be able to make solid contact with a club that supposedly matches them perfectly for a fitting perspective but the aesthetics are not right.  Be sure you take a look at 3 to 5 heads to make sure that at least 3 will give you good results.  It could be as simple as top line on an iron, color of a driver, finish (glossy paint or matte finish).  All of these can make a difference.

Performance – Distance, Accuracy and Consistency

Now we start getting into the meat of a fitting for new clubs.  The majority of the golfers we fit are looking for consistency, but whatever you do, make sure you add a little distance as well!  That is not difficult in a new fitting, however, sometimes getting added distance for a customer that has been fit within the last year or so.  Our goal in a fitting is to cut shot dispersion by 50% and add 5-10% more distance.  The factors we look at are club length, shaft weight, shaft flex, trajectory, spin, swing weight and loft and lie.  Our BGF and Fit Quiz systems make predictions based upon your swing characteristics for each of those parameters.  We then test our golfers in a fitting with clubs that are assembled to those specifications.  The results of the fitting do not lie…only when the aesthetics do not match to we have to change up the testing configuration.

So pick your initial choices based on aesthetics, but the final decision based on the improved performance you get!

Dan Sueltz