How is your GIR (Greens in Regulation) Statistic?

Stenson Bay HillStatistics are everywhere now, and golf is no exception.  From the “Strokes Gained” concept from Make Every Shot Count, we know that there are certain weaknesses in our golf games.  The latest statistic is from Mark Harman, winner of 14 Tour events and Top 100 Teacher for World Golf Teacher’s Federation.  The essence of the article is that if you truly want to shoot bogey golf you have to hit at least 4 greens in regulation.  Want to be a single digit?…then you better hit twice that number or 8 greens in regulation.  The last blog post we did was about getting twenty more yards off the tee so you were hitting shorter irons into the green.  Why?  because the average golfer will hit twice as many greens in regulation from 140 yards as they will from 160 yards!  But if you are in your GIR distance wheelhouse and still missing greens, it is time to check your irons and hybrids.  Improper lofts and lies can be a huge factor in distance and direction.  The wrong shaft weight, flex and swing weight can also create inconsistencies in ball contact which in turn affects distance and accuracy.  A good iron fitting can help you identify gaps and inconsistencies in your equipment that need to be fixed.  So if you really want to enjoy the game more you want to be able to hit more consistent shots and lower your scores by hitting more greens in regulation!

Dan Sueltz