How to get 10% more distance with your driver!

Adams XTD DriverWorked with a 70 year young gentleman over the weekend on finding him more distance with his driver.  On the surface, his current driver, Nike Sumo with VS Proto 65 shaft gave him some pretty good Trackman numbers.  Smash factor was 1.48 and spin was around 3000 rpm.  By switching out the driver head to an Adams XTD 10.5 set to 12 degrees, and a Fujikura Motore Speeder VC5.1 shaft (lighter shaft) we were able to pick up on average 17 yards!  That means hitting a shorter club into the greens, which is always good!  To validate the results, he took the driver out on the course and played 9 holes…actual improvement varied from +15-40 yards.  One happy camper, I mean golfer!!