Fall is the time to reflect on your equipment fitting.

OK, so now you are settled into your easy chair watching the last few tournaments of the year and reflecting on your golf game this season.  If you really analyze your game in the five key areas: 1) Driving, 2) Fairway to Green, 3) Wedge Approach Shots, 4) Chipping and 5) Putting, I am sure you will be able to identify the strongest and weakest parts of your game.  Driving is easily measured by how many fairways you hit.  If you are a bogey golfer, we can drop two strokes off your game by helping you hit more fairways, or certainly missing them just slightly.  How about Greens in Regulation?  Unless your chipping is the strongest part of your game, hitting more greens in regulation will help you drop strokes.  Think about your approach shots.  Were you short-siding yourself?  Lots of inconsistency in distance control?  And think about your full wedge shots.  Do you have gaps between your wedges that are more than 15 yards in distance?  You want your wedge shots to be very tight so you have no more than a 30 foot putt!  Do you hit your chip shots thin or fat?  Perhaps you should look at what clubs you are using for chipping and the bounce angles.  Finally, don’t forget the flat stick.  Since the putter is used for nearly 40% of your strokes, you should really look at the impact a more consistent putter can have on your game!  So, if you have been fit by us before, give us a call and we can fine tune your game in the offseason.  If you have not been custom fit, now is the time to see what improvements can be made before next season!  Don’t delay…start TODAY!