Equipment Matters – Get Fit Like the Pros

After being at The Masters 2019 and watching hundreds of golf shots, not only are these guys good but their equipment matters.  The presence of all of the major brand tour trailers across Washington Road meant that all of the players could make any necessary tweaks to their equipment during the first three days of the week.  

Kaymer Practice Round

Kaymer Practice Round

Keep it in the Fairway

We did not see very many missed tee shots, especially by the top 30 players.  All of those guys have driver specifically matched to their swing dynamics and strength.  Everything from shaft length (shorter like Bubba and Rickie) to shaft weight (heavier like Sergio and Brooks), loft (from 8.5 to 10.5) and flex (X to Tour X) can make a difference in accuracy and distance.

Options into the Green

Tiger used a very traditional set of clubs at the top end of the bag:  3 wood, 5 wood and then 3 and 4 iron.  Not so with guys like Kuchar and Molinari with hybrids instead of long irons.  Personal choices here based on distances and comfort level hitting out of rough and tight lies.

Phil Wedge Practice

Phil Wedge Practice


Tiger uses only a 56 and 60 degree wedge while most other players opt for three wedges in addition to the PW. Each wedge loft, bounce and grind is chosen for distance control, turf conditions and sand conditions.

Weights and flexes of the shafts vary as well with some players opting for slightly softer, heavier shafts in their wedges and others staying with the same shafts in their wedges as they have in their irons.  Again, a personal choice based upon feel and the players ability or desire to manipulate the loft of the wedge for certain shots.

So Get Fit for YOUR Equipment

The golf season has officially started now with the crowning of The Masters champion.  So get ready to have some fun this season with properly fit equipment.  You will Play Better Golf…Faster!

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Dan Sueltz