Do NOT Adjust Your Swing During a Fitting!

Stenson Bay HillOne of the most important things we teach our fitters is to concentrate on fitting the golfer to their current swing rather than trying to make swing changes during the fitting.  The reason for this is simple.  Swing changes take a long time to be reflected in your golf game so trying to make a quick fix usually does not work.  The second reason is that we are fitting to your existing swing tendencies, good OR bad and we know that equipment can make big improvements in consistency of contact, shot dispersion and ball flight.  So when you come in for a fitting, here are our rules:

1.  Take your NORMAL swing.  If one of your golfing buddies keeps telling you to slow down, don’t listen!  It will never happen…consistently.  By altering the weight and balance of a golf club we can make aggressive, fast swing golfers feel more comfortable and be much more consistent.  2.  Don’t worry if you are not hitting a club particularly well.  That is one of the things we are trying to find out during a fitting is what weight, flex, length, and balance of club you hit the best.  You will never hit all clubs well.  As a matter of fact, we have a three shot rule!  If you do not hit a club well in three tries, we take it out of your hands!  3.  Relax…  A clubfitting is not a contest.  We want you to be the best that you can be and are not concerned about what you THINK we are thinking about your swing.  Tension is not your friend so relax.  And, finally, 4.  Give us feedback on each club selection.  We use a fitting system that allows us to pick shafts and heads that we think will work best for you.  But, this is not about our fitting system, it is about YOU.  We cannot see what you see, hear what you hear or feel what you feel.  Your feedback about what looks good, feels good and sounds good is very important and can have a tremendous impact on what club(s) you actually hit the best.  If a club does not look good to your eye, feel good in your hands, and sound good to your ear, you will never develop the confidence to hit that club very well.

Remember, a good fitting can cut your shot dispersion by 50% and increase distance 5-10%.  But even better, a good clubfitting should help make your existing swing feel more comfortable and produce better results.

Dan Sueltz