Customize YOUR Iron Set Make-up

Mixed Iron SetIf you really want to get the most out of your game you need to customize your iron set make-up.  Probably less than 5% of golfers buy a traditional 3-PW set of irons.  And, I would bet that less than 20% buy a 4-PW, GW set.  We do a significant amount of our business, even for the average golfer, in customizing iron sets to the skill level and shot desires of our golfers.  The picture in this post is indicative of what we can do for our golfers.  This golfer loved Titleist irons and wanted a little higher trajectory and forgiveness in his long irons.  So, we picked the 716 T-MB in his 3 and 4 irons, 716 CB in the 5-7 iron, and 716 MB in the 8-PW.  After discussing several different wedge options, we selected the Callaway MD3 52, 56 and 60, all in low bounce options.  In another fitting, we selected the Callaway Apex CF 16 in 4-7 iron and Miura Blades in the 7-PW.  Yes, this set actually had two 7 irons due to the loft differences between the two different irons.  A lot of manufacturers are trying to provide this type of option in stock “combo” sets or “mixed” sets but it is still not the same as customizing your iron set make-up.  So, in your next iron fitting, be sure you explore ALL of the options for forgiveness, shot shape and feel before you make a decision.  You may end up with a completely different set than you thought was possible!

Dan Sueltz