Why Custom Club Fitting is important for your Game!

So, you play golf!  You really enjoy the game but something is missing.  Either you just started and you have an immediate connection or you have broken 90 but can’t seem to move from there.  Maybe you are still playing with hand-me-down clubs, or you bought something off the rack without making sure they were right for you.  It is time to invest in your game.  Sure, Custom Fittings cost more money and so do the custom built clubs, but a custom built set is built specifically for you based off of science and numbers.  D’Lance Golf has a seven step fitting process that has been used in over 11,000 golfers world wide.

Complete Club Fitting

  • Player Interview
  • Equipment Profile
  • Shot and Swing Analysis
  • Shaft Selection
  • Dynamic Testing and Fitting
  • Fitting Recommendations
  • Order and Delivery

See the entire process HERE, and call us today to schedule your fitting.