Club Fitting and Lessons Must Work Together For Success

If your instructor has you working on making a change to  your swing but your equipment will not let you do it, you have a problem!  I recently fit a lady golfer that has been working diligently to get her iron shots to go straighter.  Her shots with her current irons were high, weak fades.  When I put her on TrackMan, my suspicions were confirmed:  Outside in 13 degrees with a 2.5 degree open club face resulting in a 6 iron distance of 108 yards.  After going through an analysis of her equipment and launch monitor results, our BGF Fitting System recommended slightly stiffer shafts, 10 grams heavier, and 3/4″ longer.   We tested two different heads and the results were dramatic:  Swing path changed to only 5 degrees outside to inside and face angle 1 degree closed at impact resulting in shots with a 6 iron that averaged 126 yards, an increase of two club lengths, and were now LEFT of target!  With a new set of irons, this lady golfer will be much more consistent, will create a tighter shot dispersion, and actually enjoy hitting 1 – 2 clubs LONGER with her irons.  And even more important, all the work she had been doing with her instructor will now actually result in success because her equipment matches her swing!