Changes You Should Make to Your Golf Set Make Up in 2018

Golf Bag Makeover

Golf Bag Makeover

Changes You Should Make to Your Golf Set Make Up in 2018

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In the past 5 years there have been significant improvements in golf club performance.  Not only increases in Distance but Accuracy and Consistency.  Specifically, every club is pushing the limits on distance from fairway woods, through hybrids and irons.  It is not just changing to stronger lofts, but new designs are increasing ball speeds off the face.

OK, I grew up really old school with a driver, 3 and 5 wood, 3-PW irons, a Sand Wedge, a chipper, and putter.  In the 20+ years I have been fitting and building clubs, the most significant changes to date have been the hybrid and wide variety of wedges (think Gap or Alternate wedge).  But the rules are changing again with increased distances throughout the 13 hittable clubs in your bag.  Here are my recommendations for changing your golf set make up for 2018.

Optimize Your Driver for Distance AND Accuracy

Yeah I know, “drive for show and putt for dough” but if you can hit more fairways AND hit one less club into the green, you will score better and have more fun.  Go see a clubfitter and get dialed in to the proper loft and shaft that gives you the best results.  Remember, all these claims for more distance and accuracy require the proper shaft to make it happen!

Go to Higher Lofted Fairway Woods

Get rid of the 3 and 5 wood and go to a 4 and 7 wood. Why?  Because the faces are so hot on the new equipment that you will get as much distance or more with the higher launching, lower spinning fairway woods.

Put More Hybrids or Higher Lofted Fairway Woods In Your Bag

If you are still struggling with hybrids, go see a great clubfitter and get the right shafts for those clubs!  And if you just like hitting fairway woods, like a Callaway Heaven Wood or Divine Nine, those clubs are still around.  In fact Cleveland makes an entire set of hybrid irons.  A properly fit hybrid  is far more versatile and forgiving than even the best iron.

Step Up to More Forgiving Irons

Face it.  Even the touring pros are putting more forgiving irons in their bags.  Distance AND Accuracy is what it is all about.  And, get rid of the longer irons and put in a hybrid or higher lofted fairway wood.  The new irons designs this year include some forged irons that break the rules on distance and forgiveness.

Get the Proper Lofts and Bounces in Your Wedges

Wedge play is all about distance and spin control.  Get comfortable with how far you hit each wedge.  Then look at the distance gaps and fill in with either a different loft or have your clubfitter tweak the lofts to adjust the gaps.  And, play the right bounces (low bounce for harder turf/sand, higher bounce for fluffy rough/sand).

Get Fit for the Right Putter

Let’s face it.  The “putt for dough” thing is real.  Putting is over 40% of your shots in a typical round.  So what are the key factors in putter fitting?  1.  Getting the putt rolling to the target.  2.  The ball needs to start rolling (not skidding or bouncing) as quickly as possible.  3.  You need to have a consistent stroke tempo.  All of these can be impacted by length, head weight, head design, grip size, balance, and your eye dominance.  So see a qualified putter fitter and drop strokes this year!

Get the Right Shafts in ALL of Your Clubs



I cannot emphasize enough that the shaft is the key part of the club that gets you more distance, better accuracy and improved consistency.  The proper shaft weight, flex, profile (trajectory and spin) as well as club length and swing weight make all the difference in performance.  So make sure all of your clubs are fit to YOUR swing, not the average Jane or Joe Big Box.  See your clubfitter ASAP!  Better Golf…Faster!

Dan Sueltz