Be Sure You Have A Quality Shaft in Your Adjustable Driver

According to the Golf Digest 2013 Hot List, “Eleven of the 12 drivers on the Hot List are adjustable, and more than 60 percent of the winners on the PGA Tour last year used one.”  Our fittings echo that sentiment with nearly every driver that goes out the door having some level of adjustability.  But, with this adjustability can come some problems.  Most stock shafts in these adjustable drivers have some issues with what we call the spine, or location on a shafts horizontal axis that helps it square the club face at impact.   When this spine is very large (we measure a Spine Index, or SI) of more than 5%, the club face will not return to square consistently causing some erratic shots.  This is not evident in ALL, stock shafts, but we see it more often than we would like.  When we put a custom shaft in your driver, we make sure it is spine-aligned to a Flat Line Oscillation at your flex at the position we determined gives you the optimum performance.  Usually this is in the neutral position, but some golfers need a different setting.  Then, we make sure that we have selected a shaft for you that has a very small SI (2-3%) so that, if you do decide to change your settings, there will be little to no affect on accuracy or consistency caused by the shaft.   Some shafts, like the Miyazaki JDL, are specifically designed for these adjustable drivers.  So, when you purchase a driver off the rack, and  you start changing the loft, lie and face angle settings, beware that you may not get the performance you expected.  Come see us and get your performance guaranteed with shafts that we KNOW will work for you!