A Little Game Improvement for Your Irons!

2019 Game Improvement Irons

2020 Game Improvement Irons

How about a little game improvement for your irons this year?  Golf Digest calls these Super Game Improvement but I think they are great for anyone that needs a little more height, forgiveness and distance!

Game Improvement Design

The design of every one of these irons is to maximize MOI (moment of inertia) for forgiveness and move the COG (center of gravity) back and low to increase trajectory.

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Our Favorites:

Callaway Big Bertha

One of our go-to irons, the combination of the face-cup technology to increase ball speed and the tungsten weighting makes these irons long AND forgiving!

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

Now you can get a set of hybrid-like irons for your entire set.  Cleveland has a great reputation for hybrids and this iron HB version is no exception!

Cobra T-Rail

The addition of the Baffler-style rail to the sole of this hybrid iron is the best thing going for straight shots.  While helping slide through heavy turf as well, the rails will help straighten shots even off thin lies.  And the hot steel insert creates the distance you need!

Tour Edge Exotics 220h

This might be the most surprising iron in this category.  Don’t let the stronger lofts scare you!  The design still gives a higher trajectory and a ton of forgiveness!

Getting the Right Shaft

These irons are designed to be used with higher launching shafts.  Here are our suggestions:

True Temper Elevate 95 and 105         95 and 105 grams          Steel

Shimada S-Lite                                         100 grams                      Steel

KBS $ Taper Lite                                      90 to 110 grams             Steel

OBAN CT 100                                            100 grams                       Steel

Mitsubishi  C6                                             40 – 80 grams              Graphite

UST Mamiya Recoil 760                          60 – 70 grams               Graphite

OBAN Oi                                                     43 – 93 grams                 Graphite

Project X Catalyst                                     40 – 60 grams                Graphite

KBS Max Graphite                                    45 – 75 grams                 Graphite

KBS TGI Graphite                                     50 – 80 grams                Graphite

ACCRA i series                                           40 – 80 grams               Graphite

Fujikura Pro                                                65 – 85 grams                Graphite

Aerotech Steelfiber                                   i70 and i80                     Multi-material

Graphite Design Tour AD                       50 – 85 grams                 Graphite

Paderson Kinetixx                                     80 gram                          Graphite


There are a LOT more shafts available in a higher launching profile.  The key is getting the proper length, weight and flex to give you the longest, straightest shots!

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Dan Sueltz