Golf Lessons

Are you always shorter off the tee than your partners?  Are you new to the game and don’t know where to start?  Do you “chili dip” your chip shots?  Proper swing techniques taught by the professional golf instructors at D’Lance Golf will help you play better golf…Faster!  Customized golf lesson packages are developed for each individual based upon your game improvement objectives.

We know that instruction is a key part of golf game improvement.  Our focus is more on club fitting and practice so we partner with a select group of coaches that we believe epitomize integrity and quality of instruction.  Below are what we consider the best of the best.

Sherry Andonian

Bringing her playing skills to bear in her instruction, Sherry is the Teaching Professional at Valley Country Club.  During the winter months, Sherry brings a select group of students to the D’Lance facility to work on their games.

Sherry can be contacted at 720-339-4865.




Elena King – Experience Golf

Experience golf is based at CommonGround Golf Course during the summer months.  Elena King and Gary Davis have developed a lot of great golfers.  Recently voted the LPGA Central Section Teacher of the Year for 2011, Elena brings her expertise to the D’Lance facility during the winter months.

She can be contacted at or



Mike Wine

dread and wineWelcome back to Colorado, Mike!  From Torrey Pines to PGA National Golf Club in Florida, The Golf Channel and his own Mike Wine Golf Academy in Nashville,  Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you with your game.  Mike will be working with us during the winter months so we can now offer lessons to our clients and indoor practice members.  Mike is a PGA member and has worked with numerous tour players.  See more about Mike’s background here…

To schedule a lesson or inquire about rates, Mike can be contacted directly at 615-424-8880 or [email protected]

 Our Philosophy

Our golf instruction staff is truly dedicated to the improvement of your golf game. We teach people, not systems. There are no two golfers exactly alike; nor is one method of golf instruction equally effective for all types of players.

We believe everyone is born with a natural golf swing. Therefore, you are taught according to your own unique physical characteristics and capabilities. You will learn to complement your strengths and concentrate on the techniques that need the most improvement. In an uncomplicated manner, we will help you understand the basic golf swing fundamentals and components of proper technique. Using high-speed video equipment, the latest technology for ball-flight feedback, drills, and training aids, we will help you develop a more consistent golf swing that works with every club in your bag. You will be on your way to playing better golf faster and having more fun!

Individuals may structure their own program with the D’Lance Golf teaching staff. If you wish to take your game to your maximum capabilities, you owe it to yourself to get into a player development program.

Playing better golf starts with the right swing techniques. Our lessons and clinics will help you play better golf and have more fun. From beginner to advanced player, our lessons and clinics will help you develop the muscle memory and mental images to put a better swing in your game.

For individual, private lessons, we start with a short interview to determine your current level of play, any physical limitations, equipment, and your game improvement objectives. We then observe your swing using our combination video/computer swing analyzer. This allows us to identify some common swing faults. Then, working with you, we develop a lesson plan that covers at least the next thirty days. This will incorporate both lessons and practice as well as course play.

Prices vary per coach.  please contact the coaches above and they can discuss their pricing with you.