Where is the Sweet Spot



Most golfers try to hit the ball in the center of the club face but that is really not the true sweet spot.  On almost every driver we test, the sweet spot that creates the highest ball speed is slightly towards the toe and slightly up from the center of the face.  If you miss your shots high on the face, the ball will launch higher, spin less, and you will lose ball speed.  If it is not too high on the face, you may actually increase carry distance.   If you hit too low on the face, you will create a lower launch angle, increase spin, but ball speed will increase.  For most golfers, hitting slightly high on the clubface of a driver is preferred over hitting low on the clubface.  This is because most golfers have a negative attack angle with their drivers which means they are taking loft off the club which increases spin and causes them to lose distance.

So clean off your clubface, get yourself some impact tape or take a dry erase marker and cover the face with marker.  Now hit a ball or two and  look at your impact on the face.  You might be surprised at where YOU are hitting your clubs!  A lot of factors go into getting you to hit the sweetspot consistently. The right length, shaft flex, shaft weight, swing weight, and head design all contribute to getting the most out of your clubs.   With a proper fitting from D’Lance Golf, we will help you find the sweet spot more often which results in better accuracy, consistency and distance!