Specials – Black Friday

Black Friday is the best time of the year to get the best deals. Save BIG on gift certificates, custom golf shafts, re-grips, re-shafts and practice memberships.  Pick the special offer that fits your game. Gift certificates expire after 12 months. Custom golf shaft discounts apply to new club and re-shaft options. And you can purchase your practice memberships now and start any time in the following 6 months.

2023 Black Friday - Gift Certificates | D'Lance Golf

Gift Certificates

make the perfect gift of golf (for someone special including You). Black Friday Week – Get 20% BONUS on Gift Certificates. Expires 11/26/2023.


2023 Black Friday Custom Shafts | D'Lance Golf

Custom Golf Shafts

are the best option to improve your game – especially when you have D’Lance Golf custom building for you. Black Friday Week – Save 20% on Custom Shafts in New Clubs. Expires 11/26/2023.


2023 Black Friday Custom Shafts | D'Lance Golf

Re-Grip or Re-Shaft

Love your clubs, but ready to reduce shot dispersion and increase distance. Or maybe it’s time to re-grip those ideal clubs (most grips only last about 50 rounds). Black Friday Week – Save 15% on Re-Gripping or Re-Shafting your clubs. Expires 11/26/2023.


2023 Black Friday Practice Memberships | D'Lance Golf

24-hour Practice Membership

Practice with purpose and keep your game sharp. Black Friday – Save 20% on Practice Memberships in any duration – 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month or Annual (best deal). Expires 11/26/2023.

D’Lance Golf is the best 24-hour practice facility in the Front Range because we cater to the golfer that cares about game improvement. Trackman Golf Launch Monitors are the best in the industry and guide you to hone every part of your game. Practice or Play. With an outstanding set of local, national and courses around the world – play the best. And, play in the best possible conditions – 72 degrees, “sunny,” no wind and 24 hours a day.


**Offers and specials cannot be combined.