Get More Consistent

Step 1: Eliminate the “Death Moves” in Your Swing.

From a swing technique standpoint, the only way to gain consistency is to eliminate what Jim McLean calls the “death moves”. These are motions in your swing that cause you to get out of balance, off plane, and out of synch with your natural body motion. There is no recovering from a “death move”, such as a reverse pivot, or over-rotation. You simply cannot get the clubface back to the ball squarely and consistently. At D’Lance Golf, by using high-speed video equipment, we can isolate the problems in your swing and offer you simple drills that can help correct these moves quickly. By comparing your swing to a professional with similar body type, we can show you the correct position at each step of your swing that will help you strike the ball with more accuracy and consistency.

Step 2: Get Consistent Equipment Matched to YOUR Swing

Because no two golf swings are alike, it is important to match all of your clubs, from driver to putter, to your particular swing. If you say it’s “the Indian, not the arrow”, you haven’t talked to a bow hunter lately. Shaft technology is even MORE advanced in bow hunting than it is in golf! In golf, the shaft is the only moving part of the golf club so having the right length, weight, and flex is critical. At D’Lance Golf we spend a couple hours with you to determine the correct clubs and shafts using the latest in shaft analyzers, launch monitors and club profiling equipment. Once we have determined the correct equipment for you, we don’t leave anything to chance. We actually build each of your clubs to very exacting specifications in our production facility in Englewood, Colorado. We have built or re-shafted over 80,000 clubs to exact frequency, swing weight, and total weight parameters.


Step 3: Practice Makes Permanent so Make It Count- All Year!

If you only spend time hitting balls on the driving range, you are missing out on getting feedback on what your clubhead is doing when you swing through the ball. At D’Lance Golf, we use all of the latest launch monitors and video systems to give you instant feedback on swing path, face angle, ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rates, distance, and many more factors. When you practice, you should be working on getting consistent in all of these factors. On the driving range, you can only estimate the consistency, accuracy and distance of your shots. At D’Lance Golf, you can literally hit hundreds of balls, 24 hours a day to create the muscle memory you need for consistency.

So take these three easy steps to consistency; 1) The right swing techniques for YOUR swing, 2) The right equipment that matches your swing, and 3) continuous practice all year round with feedback that helps you improve. You will play better golf….FASTER!