Which is the Best Driver for 2016?

2016 Drivers with HeadingIf you are wondering what will be the best driver for 2016, check out the following. There will be a few new additions to the drivers offered by the big OEM’s in 2016 but we are already seeing a lot of improvement in both distance and accuracy with some of the offerings introduced in late 2015.  So far our best tests have come from TaylorMade M1, Callaway Big Bertha 2016, Titleist 915 D3, Tour Edge X9, and Callaway XR.  We will see a new Callaway XR and TaylorMade replacement for the Aeroburner in February, 2016, but we have not had a chance to test those in our shop yet.  Basically, with the same shaft, these drivers are so close in terms of distance and accuracy it comes down to what looks good, sounds good and feels good to you.  Again, this is assuming you have been fit properly to the correct shaft flex, weight, length, swing weight and loft. There are a couple of drivers that we have on our list to test in the next couple of weeks and will give you a full report, notably the Mizuno JPX 850 and the PXG 0811.  These have been getting a lot of press lately and we are anxious to test them.

As a side note, a study by Golf Digest showed that in 2000, less than 166 players on the PGA Tour drove the ball over 280 yards.  By 2015, that number is now less than 25!  Who says driver distance is not a major focus!

If you want to see what the longest drivers on the PGA Tour are using, check this out.

Dan Sueltz