D’Lance Golf Attends Callaway Exclusive Event

2014-02-06 11.06.36D’Lance Golf was invited to attend a Callaway Exclusive Event for it’s Proponent dealers and Callaway Performance Fitting Centers.  As a Proponent dealer, D’Lance Golf is given access to certain products that are only available to custom club fitters and club builders that have demonstrated their excellence.  There are only 30 proponent dealers in North America so we are proud to be in this elite group. The event truly was special!  We were given a product overview by the senior marketing and product development team at Callaway.  After that, we were given a tour of the Research and Development facility were we saw the CNC milling machines that can take a product from concept to prototype in less than 48 hours.  We also saw the ball development and testing center for the new Speed Regime and Supersoft golf balls.  Very impressive to see how they actually test the balls with high-speed cameras!  Finally, we went to the Ely Callaway Performance Center where we spent time with the development engineers for the X2Hot and Big Bertha heads.  We also got to test each of the new products, including the Big Bertha Alpha, Versa and Tank putters and the Mack Daddy 2 wedges.  We were even treated to a short game session with Roger Cleveland, Callaway’s wedge guru!  Look for this to be a break-out year for Callaway Golf.  Their product line is solid and you can feel the energy in each and every room.