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Krank Formula 6 Tested Against Some of Our Top Drivers

Driver Test 8-15With all of the hype around the Krank Formula 6, we thought we would put it to the test against some of our best drivers we have worked with in 2015.  All of the driver heads we tested were playing to identical flexes, shaft weights, swing weights and lengths, which were the specs designated for our tester.   The shaft used was an ACCRA Dymatch MT 60 M4 at 45 inches.  The ball used was a TaylorMade Tour Preferred X.  The heads tested were all 10.5 degree heads with settings, if available, in neutral and standard loft.  The drivers we tested were the Callaway XR, TaylorMade Aeroburner, Krank 6, and Ping G30 LS TEC.  I definitely like the new sound and feel of the Krank Formula 6…a vast improvement over the 5.  The shape is quite different from the other drivers tested as you can see by the picture at the left.  The Krank 6 is thrid from the left and has a higher face height but is narrower from heel to toe.  I think this is where the increased spin came from in our testing as shots slightly off center (heel and low) caused higher spin rates.  The Krank 6 had the best smash factor overall, but was a little less consistent.  The winner both in terms of shot dispersion and distance was the Ping G30 LS TEC.  No wonder the G30 is the hottest driver in the market this year.  I think the Krank 6 has a great place for lower handicap golfers that can hit the ball very consistently with very little heel/toe miss-hits.  For those golfers that miss more heel to toe and less up and down the club face I would go with one of the other heads tested.


TrackMan Ball Flight Monitor Results:

Club     Club Speed      Ball Speed      Smash    Attack      L/A      Spin    Total Yards
XR                  87.1                 128.1           1.47          1.2          16.5     3094       224.5
Krank 6         86                    127.9          1.49          1.1           16.5     3283       220.2
Aeroburner  86.3                 127.2          1.47          0.6          16.1     3088       222.5
G30 LS TEC 86.3                 127.9          1.48         0.8          15.9     2831        226.6

Dan Sueltz