Callaway EPIC Drivers

EpicThe Callaway EPIC driver is getting a TON of hype.  So is it really all it is cracked up to be?  The only way to know is to get tested with the EPIC and the right shaft that is fit to your swing. There are a couple of tests out there that show +11 yards distance but these are all guys with 100+mph swing speeds (see GolfWRX Test here).   Just like our testing, the one I respect is the one Pete’s Golf Shop in New York did.  They had twelve of their golfers that had all been fit to there current driver.  They used the same shaft and just swapped out the heads for the EPIC.  Results were a more modest increase of 2+ yards.  As I mention below, it is not just the distance gain, but potential tighter shot dispersion that counts!

First of all, the EPIC and EPIC Sub Zero (low spin version) have the highest MOI (forgiveness) of any driver in the industry.  Translation?  It is the most forgiving of any driver introduced in 2017.  So, will you gain ANY benefit from this driver?  Unless you are a +2 handicap and hit the ball “on the screws” every time, you absolutely will get more consistency of launch, spin and direction with this driver.  And the interesting thing is that the Sub Zero has the same MOI (measure of forgiveness) as the standard EPIC.  So for those golfers that tend to have a little more spin off their driver (downward attack angle, outside-to-in swing, heel hit), the EPIC Sub Zero is for you!  There have been a few tests that show that the EPIC is not all that EPIC, but that is for golfers that  a) have been fit and optimized before, and b) tend to hit the ball dead center on the sweet spot every time.  The big deal for all golfers is that the Jailbreak technology (two titanium rods supporting the crown) allow more energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball…more distance!  The higher MOI (forgiveness factor) allows us normal golfers to get more distance AND accuracy from this driver.  While we have tested this driver against the GBB Double Black Diamond, Ping G LS T and TaylorMade M2 (2016), we know it is up to each individual to make sure that this club with the right shaft delivers more distance, accuracy and consistency.  After all, that is what you want, right?

Dan Sueltz