Get More Distance Off the Tee and Drop Strokes Off Your Game!

It’s no secret that if you get more distance off the tee you will drop strokes off your game.  Pretty simple.  If you are closer to the green on your approach shots, you can hit more greens and shave 1-3 strokes off your game!  That’s not me talking.  That is Callaway and TrackMan research.

So how do you do it?  I did a series of blogs a couple of years ago talking about the key factors in getting more distance off the tee.  (See that blog intro here)As an update to that series, here are my thoughts on what will help you get that extra 10-20 yards off the tee:

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Change Your Attack Angle

Angle of Attack - Driver

Angle of Attack – Driver

It is a fact that if you can launch the ball higher off the tee with less spin, you will get more carry distance and more roll-out.  Less than 25% of our golfers have positive attack angles off the tee.  A couple of quick changes in set-up and you are on your way!  I know.  I used to be -3 degrees and now I am +2. It can be done.  And if you cannot change your attack angle, we have shafts that can help you!  See our Attack Angle blog here.




Upgrade Your Driver Head

If your driver head is more than 3 years old, you are missing out on some of the hot new technology that is increasing ball speed dramatically.  Being an engineer by training, it never ceases to amaze me the new technology that is creating more distance…still within the legal limits.  Aerodynamic designs, thinner faces, milled faces, better titanium, “jail break” technology, ” twist face”, and now injection ports!  They really do improve performance.  See our blog on the Ball Speed Wars.

Get a Better Shaft

Just like driver head technology has improved, so has shaft technology.  Heavier, denser materials, less resin(glue), thinner wraps, exotic materials (Titanium Nickel for strength, Kevlar and Xylon for resiliance), better designs for balance points and tip section dynamics.  All of these contribute to faster club speeds without you changing a thing in your swing.  See our blog on New Shafts for 2019.

Get Fit for your Driver

By optimizing where you hit the ball on the face to maximize your efficiency, and getting the proper loft that matches your attack angle, you can easily pick up 10 yards no matter what your club speed.  My biggest complaint about the manufacturers is that they have driver shafts that are too long….45.5 to 45.75 inches!  We try to fit at 44.5 to 45 inches for the average golfer.  We can easily show you that with a shorter length driver shaft you are actually making better contact and getting more distance.  In addition, we will match shaft weight, flex, trajectory and spin profile to optimize performance.

So make this the year you will Go Long..Go Straight…Go Low and Have Fun!

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Dan Sueltz