The Best Golf Club Fitting System

The best golf club fitting system will recommend the proper length of club, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft trajectory, shaft spin and swing weight for every club in your bag.  If you have been through a fitting and these club characteristics were not specifically detailed, your fitter is just guessing at what will work for you.

We believe that our BGF (Better Golf…Faster) Fitting System is the most accurate and reliable fitting system in use today.  The system was first developed in 2005 and has been used to fit well over 20,000 golfers around the world.  The unique part of this fitting system is that it takes into account four different aspects that all work together to create a proper fitting recommendation: 

  1. Physical Characteristics (height, weight, wrist-crease-to-floor),
  2. Swing Dynamics (tempo, transition and release point),
  3. Strength (distance for 6 iron and driver) and
  4. Shot Tendencies (height and direction).

Recommendations for Every Golfer

Using these swing and shot measurements, the BGF Fitting System will make recommendations for golfers of all ages and physical abilities.  We have used BGF to fit golfers from 8 to 92 years old with swing speeds from 45 to 145 mph with a driver!  We have made modifications over the years to take into account all of the new data from TrackMan and other fitting systems like GEARS Golf.

Testing Different Head/Shaft Combinations

The resulting recommendations are then put into practice in our fitting studio using a club connection system that allows us to literally have over 50,000 combinations of heads and shafts to test!  Obviously, we will pick only 3 or 4 heads and shafts based upon the BGF Fitting System recommendations.  The goal is to determine the right combination that results in increased consistency, improved accuracy and more distance versus your current equipment.

Order New Clubs or Reshaft Your Current Clubs

The bottom line is that the only way to really change the performance of a golf club is by changing the shaft and grip.  You can literally get the most out of your current equipment, if they are say only 2 or 3 years old by getting the proper length, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft launch(trajectory), shaft spin and swing weight that matches your unique swing.   And, of course, having those clubs built to your exact specifications is the key to better performance.

Building Clubs EXACTLY to Your Specifications

Very few club builders and certainly fewer major manufacturers will go through the detail that we do in building golf clubs to our fitters exact specifications.  In fact, we have developed a very specific protocol and processes to ensure that our club builders finish what the fitters started!  We are so confident in both our fitting and building systems that we guarantee your game will improve!

Now You Can Get Fit Online

And, we are also so confident in our fitting technology that we have developed a unique online Fitting Wizard that you can use to find out what specifications you need in your next set of clubs, and purchase them online.  You can find out more about that Fitting Wizard at our online site, TrueFitClubs.