Get Fit for Golf in the Physical Way!

Colorado Golf Fitness Club logoOk, I know I have been on this band wagon in the past but bear with me.  As we approach any physical endeavor in life we need to pay attention to the pillars that will make you successful.  This pertains to cycling, hiking, baseball, football, soccer, and yes golf.  If you think golf is not a physical sport, think again.  When Justin Rose was told that the USGA rescinded his two-shot penalty this last weekend, guess where they found him at 7:00am?  In the fitness trailer that follows the PGA Tour!  If you get yourself in better golf shape you can improve distance, reduce the risk of injury, chip and putt better, and maybe even lower your scores!  There is a great article on GolfWRX that accentuates the positives of golf fitness

So get on the bandwagon!  There are several places to get your fitness fix, but visit and check out what Dee Tidwell has to offer.  He helped me and several of our clients to better golf fitness and better scores!