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Benefits of Clubfitting for Women Golfers

August 17th, 2017

With The Solheim Cup underway, it is appropriate that we focus on the major differences we see when doing a clubfitting for women golfers.  We have an extensive review here of our fitting process and why women should NOT purchase ladies clubs off the rack. Ladies Golf Clubs.  What I find especially interesting having been in the golf clubfitting business for twenty years, is that specifications for women golfer equipment has not changed one iota in that time.  Pretty interesting seeing that our women golfers have certainly become more athletic and stronger over the last decade.   The typical set of ladies/women’s golf clubs is designed for a golfer that is roughly 5′ 4″ in stature.  In addition, the typical set of women’s golf clubs have very light shafts and heads as they are designed for a very slow golf swing.  And finally, when we test a stock set of ladies golf clubs, the shaft flexes are extremely weak which creates inconsistent contact and reduced distance.  In some cases, the flexes were well below a junior flex.   I will guarantee that the USA Solheim Cup Team golfers have all been custom fit to their equipment.  If you look at... Read More

Choosing the Right Graphite Design Tour AD Shaft

August 9th, 2017

Graphite Design Tour AD shafts have won 32 global professional tournaments in 2017, with over half of those being won with the DI, “Deep Impact” model.  The winners of the 2017 World Golf Championship – Bridgestone Invitational, Senior Open Championship both played the DI in their drivers and in some cases fairway woods and hybrids.  The winner of the Ricoh Women’s Open Championship played a Tour AD GP in her driver The Tour AD DI model is the first Graphite Design shaft design that was integrated with Toray Company’s original NANOALLOY material technology in the tip section of the shaft. This material technology has now come to be known as “DI Technology”. This unique material technology promotes additionally shaft stability without the loss of feel and allows the player to create greater club head speed and thus greater ball speed while still providing exceptional feel and control. The Tour AD DI also utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber materials to provide the best performing shaft available. The softer mid-section bend profile of the Tour AD DI allows the player to load the shaft properly, yet it maintains a firm enough tip section through IMPACT promoting a high launch and low... Read More

Ping G400 Driver Review

August 9th, 2017

The new Ping G400 driver is just another extension of the great performance of the G30 and G lineup.  Taking a page from the G LS TEC, the head size of the new G400 is 440 cc, slightly smaller but offering more forgiveness due to the design and setting the CG more towards the back of the club.  This will also add a little higher launch so make sure you take that into account in your fitting.  Spin rates are theoretically 3-400 rpms less with the G400 than the G and we have seen that in our testing as well.  Ball speeds are slightly higher due to a thinner, more responsive titanium face.  We will report more on our testing with different swing speeds and attack angles.  There are three models of the G400, the G400, G400 SFT  and the G400 LST (low spin technology). For some perspective, GolfWRX did a test on the G400 and their main tester was pretty enthusiastic about the results he achieved.  Now Zach generates some pretty high club speed and great swing dynamics, so we will see how it works with our golfers.  See the GolfWRX article here. Again, the G400 is following the... Read More

Our Shaft Profiling System Saves You Strokes

August 3rd, 2017

Our shaft profiling system saves you strokes. How?  By making sure that we have fit you to shafts that optimize your performance.  We spend a lot of time analyzing shafts and their impact on the distance, accuracy and consistency of our golfers shots.  After all, the shaft is the only moving part of the golf club and is the transmission that delivers energy of your swing to the golf ball. When we profile a shaft, we take 24 measurements of the shaft that we have determined are important:  Length, actual flex (cycle per minute), bend profile at eight locations along the shaft length, weight, balance point and torque.  From these numbers we then calculate a spine index (how different the shaft is from high to low bend point), a quality index (how well all of the shafts in the same flex match each other), and a feel index (will this shaft feel firm like and extension of your arm or hinged and feel like a two piece shaft).  While some of these calculations are subjective, the bottom line is that the give us a great deal of valuable data to build quality clubs for our customers.  Let’s look at what... Read More

New Junior Golf Champion in Colorado

July 28th, 2017

“Jeffrey finished the summer tour as Champion in points and winner of the 13-14 yr. old Championship with a personal best of 72 at Broken Tee, Littleton, Colorado. We cannot thank you and D’Lance Golf enough for your custom fittings and especially the Driver you designed and built with the custom shaft. His fairway in regulation percentage is at 98% and he knows it is due to the driver you put together.” Thanks again, Jeffrey N. II and Jeff N. While we know how important the proper equipment is to more consistency and accuracy, it is up to Jeffrey to execute his shots.  With properly built clubs that match Jeffrey’s specs, he will continue to shoot more consistent and accurate shots.  Way to go Jeffrey!! Dan Sueltz

Troy Mullins Wins Womens Long Drive at Mile High Showdown

July 26th, 2017

It was a day full of unexpected results for Troy Mullins at the Mile High Showdown Long Drive event hosted by The Golf Channel. First, she was in a tizzy about which driver shaft and head combination she should use so Troy came to visit us and we put her on TrackMan to help make a decision.  She had four heads and three shafts that she wanted to evaluate.  She had confidence in her Callaway Great Big Bertha with the stiffer of two UST Mamiya Elements 6F4 Platinum shafts but liked the feel of the Ping G LS TEC with the stock X flex shaft.  She was curious as to whether the new G400 would be any better.  We put her through a battery of tests and showed her that, under pressure, the stiffer tip and butt flex of the Elements Platinum shaft with the Callaway head would keep her in the grid and had equally as good of low spin shots as the Ping G LS TEC with the stock shaft. Nuff said.  Troy promptly went out and set a new women’s long drive record of 402 yards!  This was certainly good enough to get her to the final... Read More

TrueFitClubs – Our New Online Custom Club Site

July 24th, 2017

We are very proud to introduce you to TrueFitClubs, our new online custom club site.  This site will offer the latest in head, shaft and grip selection along with tips and reviews of the hottest shafts, products, and technology that can help you Play Better Golf…Faster! With our proprietary Fitting Wizards, TrueFitClubs now will recommend specific club lengths and swing weights as well as the proper shaft length, weight, flex and bend profile that will improve your game.  This fitting recommendation is as close to being fit in our regional fitting studios as you can get without actually being there!  From there you can select any club to build and purchase, or just purchase a shaft with a customized tip for your driver.  Of course, you can build your own club(s) without our recommendations if you have your own desired specifications.  So check out TrueFitClubs here… And, we are giving away a customized HZRDUS shaft during our initial launch so login and sign up today!   TrueFitClubs is a partnership of two Top 100 Clubfitters in America, D’Lance Golf Performance Center, and Touchet Performance Golf.  The fitting wizards in TrueFitClubs are powered by the BGF Fitting System, the same system used in the... Read More

Reasons You Should Consider Single Length Irons

July 17th, 2017

Below is the original post we did in January, 2017 on single length irons.  With Bryson winning his first PGA Tour event at the John Deere Classic, maybe you should re-consider?!  Check out his bag… Are single length irons making strides?  Well, yes and no.  What’s the old saying?  Unless you have been living in a cave, you have probably heard of Bryson DeChambeau, the PGA Tour player that has made single length irons famous.  He is now sponsored by Cobra Puma and helped in the design of the ONE clubs being introduced by Cobra this month.  First let’s review the concept.  Basically a “traditional” set of irons varies in length by 1/2″ from longest (3 or 4 iron) to shortest (PW).  This means several things for the golfer.  First, with the long iron, you are standing a little farther away from the ball.  This also makes the angle of your swing plane flatter than with your wedges.  So, consequently you will stand up straighter with the longer irons, and bend over more with the shorter irons and wedges.  In theory, the longer the club, AND the lower the loft, the more swing speed and distance you will create.  That... Read More

All of our clubfittings are good for life!

June 29th, 2017

Our clubfittings are good for your lifetime!  Come back next month, next year, or five years from now and never pay another fitting fee! Ten years ago, D’Lance started the “Lifetime Fitting” program.  We began charging a fitting fee for our services and decided that if you are paying for our comprehensive fitting, you shouldn’t have to pay to get re-fit in the future.  We understand that many things can change over time that make it necessary to get re-checked.  Amount of play, equipment, technology, age, growth, injuries etc.  These are all things that can effect your golf swing.  We believe that custom clubs are so important in the game of golf that we are committed to our customers coming back to make sure that their equipment continues to work for them and we don’t think you should have to pay a fee every time you need a re-check. All of our Fittings are “Lifetime”… Complete bag, Driver, Woods, Hybrids, Irons and Wedges.  This means if you have purchased a Lifetime Driver fitting since 2007, you can come back in and have another Driver fitting as many times as you want for life at no charge. ALL of our fittings go... Read More

Clubfitting for Accuracy

June 22nd, 2017

Clubfitting for accuracy, consistency or distance?  We ask our golfers in our clubfitting interview process which is most important to them.  Most of our golfers are looking for consistency, some more distance, but clubfitting for accuracy is very important to every golfer.  Here are the key elements in fitting for accuracy:   Proper shaft and club weight. A golfers tempo, transition and release point must be matched to the shaft and club weight or accuracy will suffer.  If a golfer has a fast tempo and transition, a little heavier club and shaft will help to create a more repeatable swing and tighten up shot dispersion.  Conversely, if a golfer has a very smooth tempo and transition, and does not generate a lot of clubhead speed, lighter shaft and head combinations will help create more consistency and accuracy.  This is very important when modern drivers.  We have seen drivers get very heavy recently which can cause some issues with accuracy.  Shaft manufacturers have helped us by making shafts that are counterbalanced so the swing weights are more reasonable.  A good clubfitting will take these factors into account and dial you in to the proper weight. Shorter length, especially in the driver.... Read More