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KBS $ Taper Iron Shafts

February 4th, 2019

KBS $ Taper Iron Shafts are not new but they deserve their own review.  This line of shafts was developed in response to some Tour demands for a shaft that was slightly lower launch and spin than the KBS Tour, yet a little higher launch and more responsive in feel than the KBS C-Taper.  Viola! the KBS $ Taper was created.  Great Mid-launch Mid-low spin iron shaft! Book Your Fitting Here to See How These Shafts May Work For You! Design The KBS $ Taper has a similar profile to the KBS Tour but it has a firmer tip section for lower spin.  The slightly higher CG (center of gravity) of the shaft also brings the launch angle down. Weights and Flex Options True to the KBS design, these shafts are offered in 5 different flexes, all with a 5 gram difference in weight.  R 110Gr, R+ 115Gr, S 120Gr, S+ 125Gr and X 130Gr.  Each of these has the EXACT same profile in terms of butt, mid and tip stiffness.  The only difference is that the torque gets progressively lower as you go from R to X flex.  And, these are Constant Weight shafts so the 3i shaft will... Read More

Golf Digest 2019 Equipment Hot List – Our Take

January 30th, 2019

The Golf Digest 2019 Equipment Hot List has officially been released.  Starting testing in the fall of 2018, this list is well awaited as the kind of kick off to the 2019 golf season.  The testing is done over a week with a variety of golfers with different handicaps.  Of the 229 submissions (not every company does or desires to submit products), 129 were selected to the Hot List.  Gold was awarded to 74% of the entries, Silver – 26%.  Again, the criteria for voting is Performance (45%), Innovation (30%), Look-Sound-Feel (20%) and Demand (5%).  Learn More Here. Ready for Hot New Gear?  Book Your Fitting Here! The list is long so keep scrolling!  There are a couple nice surprises in each category but here goes: Drivers: (Hot List Link) Gold:  Callaway Epic Flash/Epic Flash Sub-Zero, Cobra King F9 Speedback, Mizuno ST190G/ST190, PXG 0811X Gen2/0811XF Gen2, Ping G410Plus/G410 SFT, Srixon Z 785/Z 585, TaylorMade M5/M5 Tour, TaylorMade M6/M6 D-Type, Titleist TS2/TS3.  Top Performers are Callaway Epic Flash, Cobra King F9, Mizuno ST190, PXG 0811X Gen2, TaylorMade M5 and M6, and Titleist TS2/TS3. Silver:  Bridgestone Tour B JGR, Tour Edge EXS, and Wilson Staff D7 We see great numbers from the... Read More

TPT Golf Driver Shaft Review – Update

January 29th, 2019

TPT Golf Driver Shaft Review – Update Bryson DeChambeau wins in Dubai by 7 strokes with TPT 14 Prototype and hot new Cobra F9 driver!  See his WITB here… These shafts are AMAZING!  Our customers are raving about the results: “Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all you and D’lance Golf have done for me this offseason.  The TPT shaft you build for me is everything promised and more!  I am longer, faster, straighter, and more confident with my driver than ever before.  Worth every penny spent!”  Brandon W. “This shaft is the real deal.  I am straighter than ever and have picked up at least 20 yards.”  Jim H., hits his driver 250+ 16 MKP/MT/SW “What a beast!  My buddies can’t believe the difference.”  Sean P. 8 hcp, hits his driver 270+ “Having this TPT shaft in my bag brings a whole new level of confidence off the tee.”  Aaron B. See what we think about how good these shafts are… Book your driver fitting here TPT Golf, a division of NTPT Technology, is seriously bringing new technology to the golf shaft industry.  Introduced on the PGA Tour in 2016, this series of shafts... Read More

What Should You Expect in an Iron Fitting?

January 26th, 2019

What should you expect in an iron fitting?  Gone are the days of going in to your pro shop or golf store and testing a few different models available.  Here are the days of getting custom fit for literally any combination of heads and shafts. I am talking about a true custom fitting, not just getting fit to the best irons the pro shop has in stock or in their demo system.  In a professional fitting, the results should be a 50% reduction in shot dispersion and a 5-10% improvement in distance over your current set. Book Your Fitting Here Here is what you should expect: Player Interview…What are you looking to accomplish? What is the Performance of your Existing set? Get launch monitor data from your existing 6 or 7 iron. Have the fitting system recommend shafts. Pick 3-4 heads to try. Use launch monitor to determine the best combination. Have the option to re-shaft existing equipment. Choose the option that gives you optimized performance! Player Interview – What are you looking for? A good custom fitting for irons starts with an interview of what you want to accomplish with your new set, i.e. distance accuracy or consistency.  Then,... Read More

What’s Hot at the PGA Merchandise Show

January 24th, 2019

Every year brings something new, something old and something bold to the PGA Merchandise Show.  While we focus mostly on clubs, shafts, and grips, there are a couple of new things that I will mention that are pretty cool.  So here goes: Notable Companies: Mizuno – For the first time that I can remember in 23 years, Mizuno had a presence at the Demo Day AND is on the Show floor.  Big news from them is the new ST 190 driver, fairway and hybrid line followed by the new JPX 919 Hotmetal Pro iron.  And, whoa, Mizuno introduces a new golf ball in the US Market! Tour Edge – Leveraging on the success of their Hot Launch HL3 line of clubs,club the company introduced the EXS line of drivers, fairway metals and hybrids.  And the new CBX 119 fairway woods and hybrids with a heel weight port will allow us clubfitters/clubbuilders more fitting options. Srixon – The combination of their three brands, Srixon, Cleveland and XXIO is making Srixon a big player in the golf world.  In addition, their Z-Star line of golf balls is gaining a lot of traction. Shafts: With the emphasis on putter fitting this year, KBS... Read More

The Driver Ball Speed Wars!

January 20th, 2019

It’s all about driver ball speed these days if you listen to the manufacturers.  Hotter, faster is the mantra.  Well of course…nobody wants more forgiveness without more distance!   But every manufacturer is claiming significant increases in ball speed?  So how are the manufacturer’s getting more ball speed without breaking the USGA legal limits? The USGA Changed the Testing Methodology First of all, the interesting thing about the amazing gains in ball speed is that the measurement of the USGA legal limit has changed!  It actually changed a couple of years ago from COR (Coefficient of Restitution) to CT (Contact Time).  See my in-depth article on the driver performance here.  Since the measurement has changed to CT, a “conforming” driver today may have a COR of .85 or higher…meaning more ball speed. The CT test is much easier and less expensive to conduct so the manufacturers can now test drivers before they leave the factory to make sure that the drivers are conforming.  This saves a lot of angst for the manufacturers so they do not have to ship back drivers that are tested in the field and deemed non-conforming.  COBRA was the first to CNC mill the faces of their... Read More

Stability Putter Shafts Can Drop More Putts

January 18th, 2019

Stability Putter Shafts Can Drop More Putts With 46% of your strokes in a round coming from your putter, maybe you should consider changing the “stock steel” shaft in your putter to the new STABILITY putter shaft from BreakThrough Golf Technology.  Introduced in May, 2018, this shaft is now the fastest growing putter shaft on the Web.Com Tour.  And even Justin Rose is using this new shaft. Book Your Putter Fitting Here. It’s All About Stability At Impact According to multiple sources (SAM Putt Lab, Quintec, TrackMan Putter Analysis), if you miss hit your putt as little as a quarter of an inch off the “sweet” spot, the torque of a traditional steel shaft can cause you to miss a 10 foot putt as much as two inches.  In tests done by the folks at BreakThrough Golf Technology, golfers saw a 56% improvement in their putts. Behind the Technology By making the tip of the putter shaft more stable, without adversely affecting feel, the STABILITY shaft Is a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum insert and connector, and a smoke PVD covered stainless steel tip.  This comination creates, drum roll please, more STABILITY at impact, less dispersion and more distance consistency. ... Read More

PXG 0811X Gen 2 Drivers, Woods and Hybrids!

January 17th, 2019

PXG 0811X Gen 2 Drivers, Woods and Hybrids are in and the early results are pretty darn good.  When we went through the overview with PXG a couple of weeks ago, we were impressed with the fact that not only has the ball speed improved, but the MOI (forgiveness) has improved as well.  And, even better, the pricing is now VERY competitive with the new drivers coming out from other major OEM’s like Callaway and TaylorMade. The PXG 0811 X is available in 9, 10.5 and 12 degree lofts.  The hosel adjustments allow the lofts to be modified by +/- 1.5 degrees.  In addition, the PXG adapter is the only one on the market that can adjust the lie angle 3 degrees flat which is a HUGE advantage in fitting shorter golfers. The PXG 0811 XF is the absolute highest MOI driver on the market.  This means the forgiveness factor on off-center hits is dramatically improved!  In our preliminary testing, the spin rates are down 200-300 rpm from the original X models and smash factors are consistently in the 1.48-1.50 range….excellent! As for the fairway woods and hybrids, we will be putting them to the test this week.  Stay tuned!!... Read More

Srixon Z785 and Z585 Irons

January 17th, 2019

Srixon Z785 and Z585 Irons are now available for testing!  We love the look and feel of these great new irons.  We have always looked at Srixon as a great product and now that they are getting great reviews (MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Game Improvement Iron – Z585), we thought it was time to bring them to our customers. In addition, the Srixon ZU85 driving iron is a great addition for those golfers that like a long iron instead of a hybrid, but want a more forgiving head. We are also carrying the new Z785 driver, fairway and hybrids.  We will review those in an upcoming blog. Dan Sueltz

New Aerotech SteelFiber FC Shafts

January 15th, 2019

New Aerotech SteelFiber FC Shafts Aerotech SteelFiber FC shafts are the latest in composite shaft innovation by Aerotech.   FC stands for “Flight Control” meaning players will experience higher ball flight in their longer irons and mid to low-mid flight in the shorter irons versus the original SteelFiber irons.  The original models in the 95 and 110 gram weights have been solid performers on the PGA and Champions Tour.  More recently, the lighter weight i70 and i80 models have been making big strides on the LPGA tour.  These new shafts will give players the feel of a graphite shaft but the heavier weight and higher launch they desire in their games. Sign up for a fitting now to see which  Aerotech shaft best fits your swing. Models Available The first two models available are the SteelFiber fc 90 and the SteelFiber fc 115.  Both models are available in the parallel tip version (.370″) and the CW (constant weight) taper tip (.355″) model.    The new fc 70 and fc 80 are now available in parallel tip (.370″). Comparison to original SteelFiber Models In our static testing, the new FC 90 and FC 115 test out with slightly softer tips and slightly stiffer... Read More