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Golf Ball Fitting – Why It Matters

May 8th, 2019

Golf ball fitting is taking on a new dimension, especially after Golf Digest released their 2019 Golf Ball Hot List.  Now, adding fuel to the fire is MyGolfSpy with their 2019 Golf Ball Buying Guide.  What is very intriguing is that fitting golf balls to our players has been in our wheel house since 2006, believe it or not.   Make sure you read the MyGolfSpy article…you may have your own opinions but most of their results are valid, IMO. AGS Ball Fitting Circa 2006 In 2006 we found a company, Advanced Golf Solutions, that did extensive ball testing.  They used an air cannon to fire the balls at 100 mph and then recorded everything from spin to distance to side dispersion.  The takeaway from these tests is the same thing that MyGolfSpy noted.  There can be as much as a 25 yard difference in distance from one ball to the next and side shot dispersion can increase up to 10 yards as well.  It’s all about the design of the ball and consistency of the manufacture.  Unfortunately AGS is no longer in business but what they taught us was very valuable.  Your choice in a golf ball DOES make a... Read More

Winter Golf League 2019 Champions!

May 8th, 2019

Congratulations to Mark Ceja and Michael Weaver, our Winter Golf League 2019 Champions!  It was a close race and the winners needed the last week to close it out at Muirfield Village.  Second place went to the father-son duo of Gary and PJ Howard.  I think PJ had to carry dad a couple of times!  And third place went to the Scott and Dayle Menges.  Congratulations to everyone and hopefully the practice got you ready for the golf season. We will be running a Fall League starting in October so stay tuned for timing of that.  There are a lot of new courses from TrackMan.  We may even throw in a Par 3 course as a fun challenge! Thank you again and look forward to a great turnout this fall! Kevin Borgmann, League Director

CATALYST CW 80 and 100 Iron Shafts

May 4th, 2019

The Project X CATALYST CW 80 and 100 shafts are a great option for golfers wanting a graphite shaft rather than steel but do not want a higher launching shaft.  Designed with a firmer tip section that is similar in properties to steel shafts, these 80 and 100 gram shafts are much lower launching than some of the graphite shafts of similar weights in the market. Book your fitting to see if these shafts will work for your swing! In addition, because of the firmer tip design, these CATALYST CW shafts offer better turf interaction for better shot dispersion and consistent ball flight. And of course a feature of these heavier weight graphite composite shafts is the vibration dampening gives a better feel than steel on miss-hit shots. The CATALYST CW(constant weight) shafts come in two weights, the CATALYST 80 (85 grams) and the CATALYST 100 (100 grams).  The shafts are Constant Weight design so each shaft will weigh the same in a 3 iron length or a PW length.  These shafts are only available in taper tip (.355″) but lengths from 3 iron to Pitching Wedge. Book your fitting to see if these shafts will work for your swing!... Read More

Our Best Performing Iron Shafts – 2019

April 28th, 2019

Our Best Performing Iron Shafts.  Updated for 2019. We fit a LOT of different golfers every year and the shafts we put into their irons (and wedges) is determined by our BGF Fitting System, TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard and player testing during the fitting.  Our fitting recommendations include length of iron, shaft weight, shaft trajectory and spin profile, shaft flex, and swing weight.  Loft and lie are determined by launch monitor testing.  The recommendations are determined by a golfers physical characteristics (height, weight, wrist crease-to-floor), strength (distance), launch characteristics (actual and desired trajectory, spin, dispersion), and swing dynamics (tempo, transition and release point). Book Your Fitting to See Which of These Hot Shafts May Fit YOUR Swing. When we test in our dynamic fitting sessions, we choose 4-5 shafts that match the BGF Fitting System recommendations, and then test on TrackMan for performance with a head chosen by our fitters and the golfer.  Once we determine the best performing shaft, we try different heads to narrow down the selection.  When using our TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard, we rely on our golfers description of their shot shape and desired results. Bottom line is that these shafts have done the best job of increasing... Read More

Get Maxxed Out – New KBS MAX Graphite Iron Shafts

April 25th, 2019

KBS is really putting some effort into their graphite shafts with the new KBS MAX Graphite iron shafts.  What is cool about these shafts is that they come in 5 different weight classes and are designed for high to mid-high launch which is great for today’s iron head designs for slower swing speeds.  Book your fitting to see which shaft will work for your swing! The other nice thing about these shafts is that they are designed for custom club builders like us so that we can really adjust flex and launch angle according to the needs of our customers.  These shafts are available in 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85 gram models.  In our preliminary testing, these shafts show very good consistency and quality across all weight classes.  Shaft profiles are also similar in each weight so we are confident that the launch characteristics will be similar, for example, between a 65 and 75 gram version. Book your fitting to see which shaft will work for your swing! Dan Sueltz  

Build Your Dream Set of Srixon Irons

April 18th, 2019

Ever wanted to build a dream set of irons?  Well, Srixon has just the solution.  The Z Series Srixon irons can be blended in a lot of different ways depending upon your desired outcome: Four Distinct Models Z585 – Compact yet forgiving, this iron offers players distance with the softer feel of forged metal. Z785 – Compact players shape with a thinner top line than the Z585.  Smooth feel and ability to shape your shots. Z-Forged – A sweet looking blade with soft 1020 Carbon Steel that begs to be hit pure!  This is the finest blade offering from Srixon yet! Z U85 – These hollow body utility irons are designed for both forgiveness and distance.  Available in 2-6 irons. Sign up for your Iron Fitting Today!   Players Combo Set – Z785/Z-Forged Design your own set or typically do the Z785 in 4-6 iron and Z-Forged in 7-PW.  Could even add a Z U85 2 and Z585 3 iron! Players Distance Set – Z585/Z785 Get the best of both worlds:  distance with your long irons and workability with your short irons.  Z585 4-6 iron and Z785 in 7-PW. Distance and Players Performance – Z U85/Z785 Play the longest irons... Read More

Equipment Matters – Get Fit Like the Pros

April 15th, 2019

After being at The Masters 2019 and watching hundreds of golf shots, not only are these guys good but their equipment matters.  The presence of all of the major brand tour trailers across Washington Road meant that all of the players could make any necessary tweaks to their equipment during the first three days of the week.   Keep it in the Fairway We did not see very many missed tee shots, especially by the top 30 players.  All of those guys have driver specifically matched to their swing dynamics and strength.  Everything from shaft length (shorter like Bubba and Rickie) to shaft weight (heavier like Sergio and Brooks), loft (from 8.5 to 10.5) and flex (X to Tour X) can make a difference in accuracy and distance. Options into the Green Tiger used a very traditional set of clubs at the top end of the bag:  3 wood, 5 wood and then 3 and 4 iron.  Not so with guys like Kuchar and Molinari with hybrids instead of long irons.  Personal choices here based on distances and comfort level hitting out of rough and tight lies. Wedges Tiger uses only a 56 and 60 degree wedge while most other players... Read More

Our Experience at The Masters

April 15th, 2019

Talk about bucket list!  Our experience at The Masters in 2019 could not have been better.  We went for three days:  Wednesday Practice Round and the Thursday and Friday Tournament Rounds.  I really wanted to go to a practice round as those are the only days you can take a camera.  Could not have been a better day for pictures and to catch a few players on the course, including the eventual winner, Tiger Woods.  The first two tournament rounds were awesome as well as the quality of play was fantastic.  Here are my observations of my very first Masters Tournament: The Grounds and Course are Impeccable   I know you may have heard it before, but the course and grounds are taken care of by the best in the world.  The course had taken an inch and half of rain on Tuesday so the underground pumps were on clearing any water and there were a few soggy spots but not a weed, nor piece of trash nor blemish on any of the course or grounds. Friendly and Efficient Service The staff at The Masters are trained to handle large crowds like you would not believe.  Friendly but moving you... Read More

Jennifer Kupcho Win’s 2019 U.S. Women’s Amateur at Augusta!

April 8th, 2019

Wow!  Jennifer Kupcho, a Colorado golfer, put on quite a show at Augusta to win the 2019 U.S. Women’s Amateur by four strokes.  As the number one ranked amateur going into the tournament, Jennifer shook off a shaky first 12 holes and put on a charge on the back nine.  When was the last time we saw THAT at The Master’s? Congratulations, Jennifer!  We will be following you when you turn pro later this year.  

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Review

April 8th, 2019

The new Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow is the latest addition to the new Smoke line.  The Smoke Yellow continues the same counter balanced design as the original Yellow which will help reduce swing weight by up to three points in today’s modern drivers.  Featuring different materials, the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow will have a stiffer mid section which will make this shaft feel very stable from transition to impact.  This shaft is really more mid launch but still has pretty low spin in our testing.  Great not only for driver but fairway woods! The butt stiffness of the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow is pretty stout which is why the shafts are designated TS and TX for Tour Stiff and Tour X.  These shafts will play a full flex stiffer in the butt section versus a traditional S or X flex. The thing we also like about these shafts is that they are also a little higher torque so the feel will be a lot smoother even though the shafts have a stiff butt section and midsection.  Available in 6.0TS, TX and 6.5TS, TX in 60 gr (66-67) and 6.0TS, TX and 6.5TS, TX in 70 gr (76-78). Book your fitting to... Read More