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Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black Review

December 6th, 2018

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft is the latest in the evolution of the HZRDUS line of wood shafts.  Using new materials and a slightly different design, this series of shaft should appeal to stronger players with fast transitions from back to forward swing. Weights Available in 60 and 70 gram designations, however the shafts weigh slightly less than 60 and 70 grams. Balance Point The balance point is slightly higher than the HZRDUS Black but lower than the HZRDUS T1100, which is a counterbalanced shaft.  So, this shaft installed will result in roughly a one swing weight heavier feel than the HZRDUS T1100 and one swing weight lighter feel than the HZRDUS Black at a playing length of 45 inches. Flex These shafts also play very close to stated flex in all weights.  This means that the HZRDUS Smoke Black will play softer than the HZRDUS Black, Yellow and T1100 in the same flex designation.  Feel Even though the torque is a little higher than you would expect, this shaft will feel very stout with little to no “whip” at impact.  The HZRDUS Smoke Black will actually feel a little firmer than the HZRDUS T1100 and HZRDUS Black. If... Read More

Winter Golf League Begins January 7th

December 3rd, 2018

Winter League will begin the week of January 7th! SIGN UP HERE   Keep swinging all year long, in our state of the art facility with our BRAND new hitting bays with Trackman simulators. There are 31 different courses that we will pick from for the League.  Righties and lefties can play at the same time!     Sign-ups are on a first come first serve basis so please call 303-730-2717, email [email protected], or stop in to sign you and a partner up! SIGN UP HERE     League Information Teams of 2 golfers 9 holes played each week Play on your schedule.  Members can play outside business hours. League will use a 9 hole handicap (Indoor handicap ONLY) $75/person league fee $25/person weekly league fee January 7th – April 13th First 2 rounds need to be complete by January 21st (to establish handicaps) There will be 1 league with 2 divisions Each division will have 10 teams (based on 20 total teams) Top 4 teams in each division will make the playoffs Regular Season = 10 Weeks Playoffs = 4 Weeks There will also be a 12 team consolation tournament for teams that do not make the playoffs, with separate... Read More

Project X EvenFlow T1100 White Shaft Review

November 29th, 2018

The Project X  EvenFlow T1100 White is the final addition to the great EvenFlow line.  Designed with the T1100 material from Toray, the shaft has the stiffest tip and stiffest mid-section of the line.  This offers the lowest spin and lowest launch for stronger players.  Weights Available in 65, 75 and a new 85 gram weight. Balance Point The balance point is slightly lower than the other shafts in the EvenFlow line which will lead to a slightly heavier feel and swing weight. Flex These shafts also play stiff to flex in all weights so tipping is not necessary in your driver.  So the 6.0 will play to a 7.0 and 6.5 to a 7.5 at standard 45 inch length and D2 swing weight in a Ping G400 LST driver for example. Feel Even though the torque is a little higher than you would expect, this shaft will feel very stout with little to know “whip” at impact. If you are a stronger player looking for the lowest launch and spin in your driver, or even for a fairway wood, the EvenFlow White should be your ticket. Dan Sueltz

Using TrackMan to Practice for More Distance

November 29th, 2018

We have three new TrackMan 4 units available for your practice sessions!  Here are some tips on using TrackMan to practice for more distance: Key TrackMan measurements for achieving more Distance: (Learn More)  Ball Speed  – The speed at which the ball is traveling after it leaves the clubface  Smash Factor – The efficiency of energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball  Dynamic Loft – The horizontal angle at which the ball leaves the clubface.  A simple explanation is the combination of the loft of the club and attack angle. Attack Angle – the horizontal angle at which the clubface is moving up or down at impact. Spin Rate – The amount of spin on the ball immediately after impact. Notice that I did NOT mention clubhead speed!  For now, I want you to concentrate on what factors you need to change, given that we are not intentionally trying to increase clubhead speed! These five measurements are the most important in helping you develop more distance…and they are somewhat inter-related.  In general, golfers should be looking for high launch and low spin in order to maximize distance.  As we will show you, optimizing these factors can give you 6... Read More

Indoor Golf Practice Facility Open House a Hit!

November 19th, 2018

After a major renovation of our indoor golf practice facility, we hosted an Open House to show off the new digs.  What a great turnout from our loyal customers looking to see what new features we have to offer. We have replaced the old Achiever launch monitors with TrackMan 4 ball flight monitors and simulators.  This new technology is the state-of-the-art for indoor golf practice and full course play.  Learn More. Chris Melendez, our master clubfitter at the Fairways at the Stable, gave a nice presentation on how to effectively use TrackMan features for practice.  Pretty cool stuff with the use of the TrackMan Test Center and TrackMan Combine to manage distance control and shot making.  We will be publishing blogs during the winter to help our members continue to use the great new facilities to dramatically improve their games! And, congratulations to Carol and Steve Jost, winners of a 3 month indoor practice membership!

Miura MB001 and CB57 Irons are Back!

November 15th, 2018

The iconic and classic Miura MB001 and CB57 irons are back for a limited time! Schedule your fitting here The MB001 is probably the most popular blade model Miura has produced, next to the classic “baby blade”.  The pure feel of the ball coming off the face of these irons is absolutely incredible.  The MB001 design is the result of years of study and careful consideration of iron performance by the Miura family. Yoshitaka Miura, elder son of founder Katsuhiro Miura and a club-grinding expert who learned under his father, led the project. He had the advice of his brother Shinei, who supervises forging operations at the company’s factory and forge in Himeji, Japan, and of course his father. The Miura CB57 is one of the best cavity back models produced by Miura.  Very slightly larger than the MB001, the CB57 provides more forgiveness on off-center hits. These irons are in very limited supply in the United States and will not be replaced.  So, if you are already playing one of these beautiful irons, get another set, or two!  If you have not played them, you owe it to yourself to try them out! Schedule your fitting here Dan Sueltz

Fujikura Shafts: Tour Leaders Based Upon Innovative Research

November 8th, 2018

Fujikura golf shafts have been leaders on the PGA Tour for several years.  And, 2018 is no exception.  As a 2018 Certified Charter Dealer for Fujikura Golf, we attended a technology-based training and certification session at Fujikura headquarters in Vista, California this week.  We were able to see how graphite shafts are actually built, the research that goes into the design of each shaft, and actually test the performance of all of the Fujikura shafts ourselves. Book Your Fitting to See Which of These Fujikura Shafts May Fit YOUR Swing. Here are my key takeaways: ENSO Shaft Research This is a phenomenal research tool that tracks every swing movement and shaft reaction in multiple dimensions based upon 8 super high speed cameras.  The testing of not only PGA Tour players but average golfers helped Fujikura develop innovative shaft designs like HIT (High Inertia Tip) for faster clubhead speed at impact! New Shaft Materials Having been in this business for over 20 years, I know there was a time when you could literally not get light weight graphite shafts to play very stiff.  The shafts felt like noodles.  Not anymore!  The new materials are made with lighter weight composites that have... Read More

Using TrackMan to Practice With a Purpose

November 1st, 2018

TrackMan is the best ball flight monitor for both practice and simulated course play.  But, we know that you can be more effective if you use TrackMan to practice with a purpose! Here is what TrackMan offers that you need for improved practice: Shot visualization and statistics: TrackMan offers 31 shot statistics and seven different views.  You can literally analyze everything from your strength and efficiency (club speed, ball speed, smash factor), effectiveness (launch angle, spin rate, attack angle, dispersion), and swing characteristics (face angle, club path, swing direction, face to path).  Whether you are working on your own or with a swing coach, knowing these numbers and how you can improve them will be your secret weapon to game improvement! Here are some other features of TrackMan to help you improve your game! Multiple Camera Video Analysis (Down the Line is Standard) Test Center for Tracking Improvement in Shot Making TrackMan Combine – See How You Stack Up with Others On Course Practice – Better than Just Range Practice Upload Your Practice Sessions to MyTrackman.com Save Your Shots to Your Apple Device We will be publishing specific practice tips for our members so sign up for our 24 hour... Read More

True Temper Elevate Tour Shaft Review

November 1st, 2018

True Temper is complementing its lighter weight steel shaft offerings with a 115 gram steel shaft that offers a mid to mid-high ball flight and mid spin for better stopping action on the green.  This shaft also incorporates True Temper’s VSS Pro (Vibration Suppression System) for a 56% reduction in vibration versus standard steel shafts.  Here is our True Temper Elevate Tour shaft review: Book Your Fitting to See Which of These Elevate Tour Shafts May Fit YOUR Swing. Static Tests: The Elevate Tour VSS shafts are taper tip (.355″) that come in discrete lengths from 37-41″.  The shafts are offered in typical True Temper flex designations of R300, S300 and X100, with weight ranges from 112 to 122 grams.  Shaft consistency and quality (flex, torque, weight, and balance point) ranked over 91% which is very high for a lightweight steel shaft.  Tip consistency is very similar between each flex meaning the ball flight should be very similar regardless of if you are playing R300, S300 or X100.  From a flex perspective, these shafts will play slightly soft to flex, so you will need to hard-step the R300 and S300 to get to the flex you are used to in... Read More

TPT Hosts D’Lance Golf and Top Clubfitters at Leadbetter Academy

October 26th, 2018

D’Lance Golf Performance Center jumped at the chance to pick up the TPT (Thin Ply Technology) shaft line earlier this year and it has paid huge dividends to our customers.  Longer, straighter, more stable than other driver shafts we have tested.  And the feel is phenomenal.  Solid yet smooth.  Now sure, this is a premium shaft but you can see and feel the difference in your game.  See our Review of the TPT Shafts Here… Well, our dedication to fitting these TPT shafts for our customers put us in the top 5 in the USA.  TPT was kind enough to host its top clubfitters at the David Leadbetter Academy in Champions Gate, Florida this past weekend.  Kevin Borgmann, our production manager, attended the event as our representative.  This was pretty cool as Kevin brought the perspective of the club builder, not just the clubfitter.  One of the most exciting things we realized about the TPT shafts is their quality.  Since we frequency match an spine-align all of our clubs, it was important for us to have shafts of the absolute best quality for our customers.  Easier to fit…even better to build.   See our Review of the TPT Shafts Here…