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August 21st, 2019

HONMA is making great strides in introducing their T//WORLD clubs in the US market.  As a Top 100 Clubfitter, we think that HONMA will be a GREAT addition to our line of offerings. So, schedule your fitting and find out which of these new HONMA irons will work best for you! About HONMA Golf Started in Japan in 1959, HONMA’s mission has been to create the most beautiful, highest quality golf clubs for every golfer.  HONMA has grown to an international company with over $300 million in revenue. HONMA Product Lines BERES – the premium product line.  This is by far the ultra-premium line in the world.  Crafted individually using precious metals like gold and platinum, these are some of the most beautiful clubs I have seen.  We will have these available on special order.     T//WORLD – the line that will be most competitive in the US Market, in our opinion.  We are excited to see the quality of these clubs, especially the new T//WORLD-X line of irons!       So, schedule your fitting and find out which of these new HONMA irons will work best for you! We will be getting in a set of the... Read More

Are The Premium Irons Really Worth It?

August 19th, 2019

It started with PXG.  Well, no, it started with HONMA.  And the other Japanese companies like Miura, EPON and Royal Collection.  But it was clear from the start that PXG was differentiating itself with premium designed products and premium pricing.  What has followed has been a continual introduction of premium products, especially irons, by many of the major companies in the golf industry.  Titleist CNCPT, Callway EPIC Forged and the new TaylorMade P790Ti are the latest releases in this space.  Some are available now while others will be available later in the Fall of 2019. So, schedule your fitting and find out which of these new premium irons will work best for you! Premium Designs If you look at the majority of the new introductions like PXG, there definitely are some advanced engineering techniques that are potentially causing prices to increase.  The combination of forged bodies, thinner face designs, hollow heads with special fill elements make the manufacturing process to assemble these irons more expensive versus traditional forged or cast clubs.  Are the materials more expensive?  Maybe…steel prices have gone up somewhat. Search for Distance AND Forgiveness So, there is no way a manufacturer can provide a more forgiving iron to... Read More

TaylorMade 2019 P790 Irons – Improved Look and Performance

August 16th, 2019

The TaylorMade 2019 P790 irons offer improvement not only in the look of the club but overall performance. Still packing the Speedfoam injected inside the hollow head, this gives the ultra-thin (7% thinner) new forged 4140 face the support it needs to generate higher ball speeds and better feel.  Slightly thinner topline and anti-digging sole for better turf interaction. By the numbers Increased sweet spot by 22% for better performance on off-center hits.  Slightly smaller heads from 7 iron on down for a more pleasing look. Higher launch for better drop and stop on the green with longer irons. Available in 3-PW, AW both Left and Right handed. Our Take While we only had the ability to hit the demo clubs with the Dynamic Gold 105 VSS shaft, we all liked the look and the feel.  Could not really tell much about launch comparison versus the 2017 P790 so that remains to be seen in our fittings.  As with most major manufacturers, all of the heads in the set are individually designed so the loft increments look a little different, i.e. 2 to 3 degrees between 3, 4, 5 and 6 irons and then 4-5 degrees between 7, 8, 9,... Read More

Callaway EPIC Flash Hybrid

August 12th, 2019

While we really liked the Rogue design, the new face design of the EPIC Flash hybrid is a cleaner, more sole forgiving look. Schedule your fitting appointment and check out these new hybrids! Technology As usual, the ultra-thin face cup combined with the Jailbreak Technology creates super fast ball speeds and lower spin.  Better MiM’d tungsten weighting creates better launch conditions and more forgiveness.  And, the light weight carbon crown allows for more weight in strategic parts of the club head.  Only bad thing is the new lighter weight adjustable hosel is unique to this model so you cannot swap out the Big Bertha shafts without changing the tip. Specifications These hybrids are available in 3, 4, 5, 6 lofted models with 18, 21, 24 and 27 degree lofts.  Lofts are adjustable up to +2 degrees and -1 degree so there is a lot of flexibility in lofts to help you dial in your distances. Bottom line If you like a little more rounded sole (think TaylorMade M6 or Ping G410) and want the adjustability and thin face distance, this new EPIC Flash hybrid is just the design you have been looking for! Schedule your fitting appointment and check out... Read More

Vic Minovich Qualifies for U. S. Senior Amateur!

August 10th, 2019

Congratulations Victor for a great tournament at TPC Colorado!  Vic shot a 2-under 69 to earn medalist honors in the 60 man field.  Had a great round with his new L.A.B. (Lie Angle Balanced) Directed Force putter!  Vic has long been a part of the D’Lance team and helps us with club testing and quality control.  He has been a consistent winner at his local course, Foothills Golf Course over the past several years but is thinking some of the young guns there have his number!  Vic is now busy trying to dial in his equipment for the Senior Am event at Old Chatham Golf Club in Durham, N.C. August 24-29, 2019.  Best of luck Vic!  Here is more detailed coverage of his round from the Colorado Golf Association.

Mizuno MP-20 Irons Coming Soon!

August 8th, 2019

Mizuno is revamping their MP iron lineup in  dramatic way!  All the way from the traditional MP-20 (blade) to a completely new forged MP-20 Hot Metal Blade (HMB).  And in between, the MP-20 MMC with multi-material construction.  We have always been Mizuno fanatics and this new line-up makes us even more excited.  Mizuno has taken a step back in time and is adding a layer of copper in these models to improve feel.  Every single tester liked the feel of the new models better than the previous MP-18 line. We should have demos in by August 20th.  Pre-order on September 3rd with delivery September 20th. Sine we have not tested these yet, we are going by what GolfWRX has compiled in terms of the differences in the models.  Once we get our demos in we will send out an alert so you can try these for yourself!! Here is the GolfWRX article on the new MP-20 Line. And here is another short take on the MP-20 lineup.      

Mizuno’s New MP-20 Line-Up!

August 8th, 2019

Mizuno’s MP line, used to win major tournaments by players like Tiger Woods,  is still going strong. The company has been busy producing the new MP-20 lineup that can pretty easily be deemed the most complete and impressive MP family to date. Comprised of three models including Blade, MMC, and HMB, the new MPs offer something for just about everyone including low-, mid- and even some higher handicap players looking for a players distance model. Here’s the breakdown on each iron – maybe one or a mixture of all three will fit your game. MP-20 Blade The three new irons in the MP family are designed to maximize a specific type of performance and blend together seamlessly, and the Blade exemplifies the control aspect of the group by providing the ultimate in feel and shot shaping ability all the way through the set. MP-20 MMC The MMC is the middle child in the MP-20 family and features a “player’s cavity” design complete with titanium plate, tungsten weight and a similar copper underlay to the MP-20 Blade. Aimed at better players who want improved long iron performance and more workable short irons, the newest MMC features a thinner topline than the... Read More

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green Shaft Review

August 5th, 2019

Touting the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green as the stiffest shaft in its arsenal, it certainly stands up to that billing!  We tested all of the models statically and had some of our strongest players test the 60 and 70 gram models. Sign Up for a Fitting To See How These Shafts May Work for YOU! Models Available The HZRDUS Smole Green comes in two weight classes, 60 and 70.  The 60 is available in 6.0, 6.5 and 6.5TX flexes.  But be careful, the flexes are actually playing a full flex stiffer, i.e. 6.0 plays to 7.0, etc.  The 6.5TX will play like a X flex tipped an inch.  The 70 comes in similar flexes, 6.0, 6.5 and 6.5TX.  The 70 gram shafts play stiff to designated flex as well.  The cool thing about these shafts is that the weights are actually pretty light, 62-68 grams in the 60 and  72-78 grams in the 70.  This is likely due to the use of the Hexcel Hex Tow HM63 fiber which is extremely strong for its weight. Shaft Profile Both of these shaft models are low launch and low spin.  They have the stiffest tip profile of all of the HZRDUS and Even Flow shafts.   The... Read More

Callaway EPIC Forged Iron Review

August 1st, 2019

The Callaway EPIC Forged iron is definitely a game-changer in the premium design marketplace.  What a beautiful look on this iron.  And, the performance is above our expectations. So, schedule your fitting appointment and check out these irons! Design Using a 1025 Carbon Steel body for softer feel, the longer irons also incorporate a 360 cup face technology for faster ball speeds.  Adding to the improved feel is the urethane microspheres in the body that absorb vibration without sacrificing speed of the ball off the face.  Finally, the urethane microspheres allowed Callaway to add tungsten weight in the heads to precisely control ball flight. Technical Specs The lofts on these clubs are as aggressive as the Rogue X but the performance is dramatically improved in our opinion.  While typical lofts in a 6 iron are 26-27 degrees these days, the EPIC Forged is 24.  That being said, in our testing, while the dynamic loft was 2 degrees less, the spin and descent angles still gave optimum drop and stop on the green.  Also, the lofts on the PW are 41 degrees which is 3-4 degrees lower than an Apex 19 or PXG 0311P 2nd Generation.  The set make-up is 4-PW,AW,... Read More

From Junior Golfers to Senior Golfers, Here Are Some Great Stories!

July 25th, 2019

We have a lot of golfers, actually over 10,000, that have gone through our fitting system and have gotten great results.  Just in the last week here are some of their stories: Gavin Amella – 11 year old junior golfer. We first started working with Gavin when he was 8 years old and using US Kids clubs.  We recommend junior golfers not graduate to heavier clubs until their strength and ability warrant the move.  Well, Gavin has been progressing very quickly and is winning tournaments hand over fist.  He just competed in the Optimist International Junior Tournament at Doral and placed in the top 10 in his age group.  He also won the longest drive with a drive of 249 yards!  Gavin is off to Pinehurst next week for the US Kids National competition.   Addison Hines – 12 year old junior golfer Addison, pictured on the right in the photo, also came to us when she was eight or nine.  Her dad, Derek Hines, claimed 3rd place in the 2008 World Long Drive Championship so Addison has a good gene pool there!  Addison also competed at Doral in the Optimist International Junior Tournament and placed in the top 30... Read More