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D’Lance 2020 Winter League

December 3rd, 2019

Join our Indoor Golf League to keep you swinging through the winter! Sign Up HERE NOW for the Winter League Full HD 3D course create the ideal golf game venue. There are over a thirty courses to choose from including the major courses in St. Andrews, Royal Troon, Sea Island Plantation and Muirfield Village! The leagues will be separated into divisions depending upon number of two-person teams that sign up. Here are the basics: WINTER/SPRING 2020 League Information • Teams of 2 golfers • 9 holes played each week (Play on your schedule) • League will use a 9 hole handicap (Indoor handicap ONLY) • $75/person league fee • $25/person weekly league fee • January 5th– May 1st • First 2 rounds need to be complete by January 19th (to establish handicaps) • There will be 1 league with 2 divisions • Each division will have 10 teams (based on 20 total teams) • Top 4 teams in each division will make the playoffs • Regular Season = 10 Weeks • Playoffs = 4 Weeks League Rules • Each team has 1 week to play their 9 holes, but can play in advance • Do not have to play with... Read More

KBS TD Wood Shaft Review

November 23rd, 2019

The new KBS TD wood shafts now round out the initial graphite shaft offerings from KBS.  These shafts are designed to be mid launch/low spin but that, in our testing, is related the weight and flex of the shafts. Book Your Wood or Complete Fitting Here! Models The KBS TD Shafts are available in 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 gram weights. The raw weights of the 40 (48gr) and 50 (52 gr) are similar but the raw length of the 40 is 45 inches, one inch shorter than the 50, 60, 70 and 80 shafts. KBS is using it’s own set of flex ratings identified as Category 1 through 5.  Category 1 is traditionally a Senior flex and Category 5 is Tour Xtra Stiff. Shaft Test Data: Weight, launch and spin Model                   Weight            Trajectory         Spin                   Torque TD 40                     48.9                    Mid-High        Mid-High           7.9 TD 50             ... Read More

Wedge Fitting

November 21st, 2019

Well, it’s about time!  Wedge fittings with multiple shaft options.  We finally decided to get a bit more sophisticated in our wedge fittings so our customers can see and feel the difference in wedge performance.  Most significant aspect to our new fitting process will be the ability to try different shafts with our fitting wedge heads. We will be using our indoor fitting studio, but we have a couple of different mat options to show the performance difference from rough or fairway.  Early testing is pretty awesome! Book Your Wedge Fitting Here! Here are a couple of related articles that can help you pick your next series of wedges! Wedge Fitting for Bounce and Grind New Wedges?  Make Sure You Have the Right Shaft 2019 Fall Release Wedges Dan Sueltz

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Iron Review

November 14th, 2019

The new Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons leverage some of the great designs of the original Cleveland Launcher hybrids and irons with some great new technology.  And, you cannot dismiss the fact that these irons are designed for higher ball flight and better performance in a modern new look. Book your fitting here to see if these irons are for you! Sets These irons are available in 4 iron through PW, DW (gap) and SW (sand wedge).  Available also in Left Handed, which is a real plus! Design Probably the best design I have seen in years with the longer irons looking more like hybrids and the shorter irons having thinner top lines and smaller footprint.  This makes this matched set look very seamless, not like a set where you buy hybrids and then a set of irons.  Very cool idea! Technology The hollow body design allows Cleveland to place the center of gravity low which creates the higher launch and peak height.  The very thin hardened steel face insert is what creates the higher ball speed and, in turn, more distance.   Who is this Club For? I see the Launcher HB Turbo as a great combo iron set for... Read More

Graphite Design Tour AD XC Shaft Review

November 9th, 2019

The Graphite Design Tour AD XC wood shaft is the latest in the great lineup of Tour AD (Accuracy and Distance) shafts from Graphite Design. Book your Driver or Wood Fitting to see which of these shafts may fit YOUR swing! Design Designed as Xtra Carry, the XC wood shafts have a softer butt section, but firmer mid and tip section for added stability and reduced spin.  This shaft actually improves on the design of the Tour AD IZ.  The Tour AD XC utilizes new MX 40 pre-preg materials from TORACAY for added stability and feel. Well known for their relatively soft mid section, the Tour AD XC is a slight departure for Graphite Design offering golfers a firmer feel at impact. Available Models The Tour AD XC is available in five different weights from 47 to 84 grams at raw length.  The Tour AD XC 4 is available in Senior, Regular and Stiff flex.  The XC 5 is available in Senior, Regular, Stiff and XStiff.  The fact that the lighter weight shafts are available in X flex is a tribute to the fact that certain stronger players can do well with stiffer shafts.  The most popular weight XC 6... Read More

Fujikura Ventus Shaft Review

November 8th, 2019

Fujikura recently rounded out their Ventus wood shaft line with the Ventus Red and Ventus Black.  The original Ventus Blue was designed to be  mid to low-mid  launch shaft.  The Ventus Red (mid-high) and Ventus Black (low) are leveraging the VeloCore Technology to offer the same tight dispersion and improved distance with different ball flight patterns. Book Your Wood or Complete Fitting Here! Design Features If we do a quick overview of this shaft, we see that the use of heavier pre-preg material and a fast taper design allowed the Fujikura engineers to create a shaft with faster tip speed (H.I.T. – High Inertia Tip).   In our testing, shafts with this technology can create as high as 8 mph faster tip speed!   Ventus Red The highest launching of the Ventus models also offers the lightest shaft weights.  Starting at 58 grams in an R2 (A+) flex, the shafts are also available up through 72 gram X flex.  This makes the Ventus Red not only a good shaft for a driver, but a higher launching fairway wood. Ventus Blue This shaft is right on the borderline of mid and low-mid launch.  Also offered in a 56 gram version in R, S... Read More

Congratulations Tiger on his 82nd Tour Victory!

October 28th, 2019

Tiger Woods ties Sam Snead’s record with win No. 82 at Zozo Championship in Japan!  How many times has the World of Golf doubted a comeback by Tiger Woods?  And how many times has he proven us wrong? Looking confident, relaxed and sound, Woods led with 28 birdies and to top Hideki Matsuyama by three shots for his 82nd PGA Tour title, tying him with Sam Snead for most in history. Snead was 52 when he last won in 1965. Woods hasn’t had enough yet. His agent, Mark Steinberg, told him on the 18th green, “You never cease to amaze me.” Gary Woodland said, who played the final 36 holes with Woods, “He looked like the best player in the world.” In an effort to get No. 83, Woods’ next start on the Tour likely will be in the 2020 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, where he’s won eight times, including the 2008 U.S. Open.  The PGA Tour Wins Record will very likely be broken soon.  Maybe it’s time we stop doubting “the best player in the world” and start applauding him for all of his accomplishments!  

NEW! Miura MB-101 Iron

October 28th, 2019

Well, the wait was worth it.  The Miura MB-101 is a beautiful looking iron with shades of influence from the original MB-001.  Designed for the pure blade player, the MB-101 has all of the classic looks you expect from Miura but better turf interaction and feel.  Available in sets only, 3-PW and 4-PW.   I wish Miura would allow split sets as a combo set of MC-501 3-6 and MB-101 7-PW would be awesome.  I put in my 2-cents worth.  Will see what happens!                       Dan Sueltz

2019 Fall Release Wedges

October 17th, 2019

The major manufacturers are introducing new wedges this fall in anticipation of winter in the southern United States and spring in the Southern Hemisphere!  Lot of great new looking wedges to think about.  Here is a rundown of the latest: Book Your Iron/Wedge Fitting Here Make Sure You Have The Right Wedge Shaft “Your advice on the proper shaft for wedges is spot-on!  Keep up the great work.”  Ken Everrett, PGA Professional and Instructor, Snowmass Club, Colorado. Callaway Jaws MD5   As usual, Roger Cleveland has improved the look, feel and performance of the Mack Daddy with the new JAWS MD5.  Improved spin with Groove-In-Groove technology in a soft 8620 forged carbon steel body.  Over fifty loft/bounce options in 5 different grinds including a low (8*) bounce W grind.  In Platinum Chrome or Tour Grey.  We expect the JAWS MD5 to continue to be one of our best sellers.   Cleveland CBX2 Following on the heels of the very successful CBX cavity back wedge, the CBX2 is designed for players that need extreme forgiveness and improved distance.  Available in 3 grinds in lofts from 46 – 60 degrees.  A great wedge for mid to high handicap players, but can be... Read More

Get the Right Shaft to Hit Your Driver Straight AND Long

October 13th, 2019

Get the Right Shaft to Hit Your Driver Straight AND Long Bombing and Gouging The problem with bombing off the tee and gouging from the rough is that for us average golfers, it only works 13 percent of the time, according to a study done by Golf Digest and TrackMan.  But we also know that getting 20 more yards off the tee can drop up to 3 strokes off your game.  So the real answer is to hit your driver long AND straight.  The secret is getting the proper shaft to make this happen! Book Your Driver Fitting Here! Getting the Right Fit We always advise you on what happens when golf shafts are not right for your swing.  A lot of golfers that have never been through our fitting process, think that the majority of their miss-hits are caused by their swing.  And 25% of golfers are having trouble with their drivers (see Poll at the right of this blog).   Fortunately, that is not always the case!  We help golfers of all abilities hit longer, straighter drives by selecting the proper length, shaft weight, shaft flex, swing weight and shaft profile (trajectory and spin) for their unique swing. First... Read More