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Hybrid Clubs Can Play a BIG Role in Your Game! Just ask Jay!

June 29th, 2015

Hybrids can be a fickle addition to your bag.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes great!  For some golfers, the look of the club makes a big difference as well as the setup (shaft, length, weight, flex).  We took a couple of swings at getting some hybrids dialed in for Jay with so-so results.  Shafts were great but the look and feel were not there.  Well, we finally settled on the Callaway XR hybrids and voila!   Just wanted to let you know, your reign as the greatest club fitter of all time continues. The Callaway XR hybrids are awesome! They are so good, that they went into the bag over the weekend. I played the senior club championship and won the whole thing (net division). Shot 83 on Saturday and 79 on Sunday (personal best at my club) and won the net. The hybrids played a huge role. Hit them a lot, both off the tee and from the fairway. Now the old TaylorMade are in no mans land. They are on the shelf, headed for the travel set, but not ready for that move yet. Thanks for working with me on this. 3rd times a charm!

Jordan Speith’s WITB Begs Questions on Wedges, Irons and Shafts

June 26th, 2015

I received an interesting question from Mike Stachura, Senior Equipment Editor at Golf Digest this week.  Jordan Speith played the same shafts in his wedges as his irons, Project X 6.0.  Also, Jordan played a Vokey SM5 46 degree wedge instead of the the stock Titleist AP2 wedge.  Mike was wondering if this is normal or just for better players.  Photo courtesy of GolfWRX. Here is my response: Yes, Jordan has an interesting iron/wedge setup but here is why (I think).  Jordan most likely likes the design and spin characteristics of the Vokey PW versus the standard AP2 iron set PW.  Most good players do.  For the mid to high handicapper we recommend staying with the iron set makeup through the AW or GW.  Then we put them in a traditional sand and lob wedge (Vokey, Mac Daddy, Mizuno MP-T5, etc.) so we can control bounce, not necessarily grind or anything else.  For low handicappers we start after the iron set PW with a traditional wedge set so we can control bounce, loft and grind.  Better players know how to use their wedges and know what works for them.  We merely help them dial in shaft weights, lengths, flexes and swing... Read More

New Iron Shafts Create Great Opportunities for Game Improvement

June 24th, 2015

It seems like every year we see new shafts come to market to either fill a void (weight, profile) or go directly after a competitor.  This year we are seeing a lot of competition heating up for the hybrid steel/graphite shaft market.  This market has been really owned by Aerotech with their SteelFiber line but new entrants from Fujikura (MCI -Metal Composite Iron), Mitsubishi Rayon OT, Alpha PT95, and Loomis EFP 95 shafts are making some headway.  OBAN i series and Accra i series have also made some additions in terms of profiles and weights.  What is intriguing from my perspective is that each series of shafts will perform quite differently in terms of feel, launch and spin.  We measure 24 different data points about each shaft including weight, flex, torque, SQI (Shaft Quality Index), balance point and loading profile. While we really can only change launch angle a couple of degrees with a shaft, it is pretty amazing to see on our TrackMan ball flight monitor the differences.  That is how we are able to really dial our customers in to the perfect fit to the iron head they like.  With well over over 200 iron shafts to choose... Read More

Have You Had Your Irons Custom Fit for Accuracy, Consistency and Distance Control?

June 24th, 2015

Ok, we have talked about getting more distance off the tee and a LOT of you have gone through our driver fittings this year.  Now it is time to dial in those irons.  Are your shots consistent in terms of contact and ball flight?  Do you have more than a 15 yard gap between some of your irons and wedges?  Do you miss your irons left or right, or could the misses be either way?  Inconsistent contact can be a length or weight (swing weight or club weight) issue.  Large gaps (or small gaps) can be a loft issue.  There is roughly 4 degrees of loft difference between each iron which should give you consistent distance gaps.  If your misses are left or right of target, it could be a lie angle issue, club weight, or shaft issue.  If you are seeing any of these symptoms in your iron play, you need to get to a good clubfitter and see what is going on.  Why get frustrated with inconsistent shots, poor accuracy or big distance gaps.  You deserve better from your clubs!

Delich rallies to win 3rd CGA Senior Match Play Championship

June 16th, 2015

As a former hockey standout, Dave Delich knows hat tricks.  Well, after winning the 2007, and 2011 CGA Senior Match Play, Dave came from behind to win his third title at the Club at Ravenna 2 and 1.  Dave recently did an overhaul of his bag and we knew he would dial everything in just fine.  He switched to SteelFiber i110 shafts in his TaylorMade tour issue irons and Rifle shafts in his Titleist wedges.  Congratulations, Dave!  This win actually puts Dave in position as 1st alternate to make it to the Senior U.S. Open this year!

Most Golfers Missing 25-50 Yards off the Tee!

June 13th, 2015

We support over 150 local charity golf tournaments and periodically take our Trackman ball flight monitor to the range to do a quick driver evaluation for the tournament participants.  If you remember, we commented on the Golf Digest article earlier this year about how a driver fitting really matters.  In fact Golf Digest stated the average loss of distance was 23 yards because golfers did not optimize launch angle, spin and correct face contact (smash factor).  Our research just last week at a tournament showed potential for distance gain to be 25 to 50 yards!  As I mentioned in the Golf Digest article, the slower club speed golfers are penalized the most with potential distance gains of 12-15%!  In today’s world, higher launch, lower spin is better for carry and roll.  It comes down to  a combination of the right driver head, proper loft, optimizing the shaft weight, flex,  launch and spin characteristics.  In our fittings, we will even help you identify which ball would be best for your strength and swing.  So stop hitting 5 and 6 irons into the green when you could be using a 7 or 8 iron.  Come in, get fit, and Play Better Golf…Faster!... Read More

Ignacio Arcaya Jr. Takes 5th in U.S. Kid’s European Championship

June 1st, 2015

Great job, Ignacio!  We fit this young man last year at age 13 and now in the 14 year old age group, he took fifth place in a strong field.  The tournament was held in Lufness New Golf Club in Scotland.  The three-day tournament was played in typical cool, rainy, windy Scottish weather.  Ignaciao is originally from Caracas, Venezuala, but now resides in Miami, Florida.  Congratulations, Ignaci0.  I am sure we will see you on the PGA Tour someday!

Callaway Big Bertha Mini 1.5 Driver

May 20th, 2015

 Callaway has added a new “mini” driver into this years full line up of driving woods.   This club is too large to be considered a fairway wood, but it is about half the size of a regular driver and shorter length as well.  It is a 235cc head with a standard length of 44 inches.  The larger size makes this club more forgiving than the fairway wood, but the shorter shaft allows for more control off the tee.  Aside from it’s size and length, the mini is also adjustable.  Using the Callaway OptiFit hosel, this club has a 3 degree range of adjustability.  This club only comes in lofts of 12 and 14 and will be available May 29.

Great Win for Bob Beiersdorf in the CGA Senior Four-Ball Tournament

May 6th, 2015

This is a great win for two super golfers in a VERY competitive 50+ Senior age group.  These guys caught fire in a bottle the last two days.   Awesome! (Bob is on the left). “Dan & PJ,  I owe you a debt of gratitude for both fitting me and building my irons and metal-woods that allow me to execute at a higher level!  Please check-out the cogolf.org CGA website for the Sr. Four-Ball results.  That would not have been possible without your expertise as a top club-fitter in the US! We’ve discussed results like this for two years.  The confidence I’ve gained from custom-fitted shaft technology has resulted in longer drives, narrower shot dispersion, shorter birdie putts, and the opportunity to swing harder with greater predictability.  That means the only limiting factor in reaching my potential as a competitive senior amateur is me, not my equipment. Thanks again for helping me achieve an accomplishment with my playing partner Rick that defines my greatest golf accomplishment so far!” Bob’s Winning WITB: Driver:  Tour Edge Exotics E8 Beta with Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki J 70X 3 Wood:  Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro 14.5 degree with Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki J 80X Hybrid:  Tour Edge... Read More

Give the Mother in your family a Golf Club Fitting for Mother’s Day

May 4th, 2015

Over the years we have fit well over a thousand lady golfers of all abilities.  The two things we know for sure are 1) Today’s female golfers are much more athletic and stronger than ever, and 2) Lady’s or women’s golf clubs have not changed specifications in over 30 years!  So the modern lady golfer that buys off-the-shelf women’s golf clubs, even if she is just a beginner, will be getting equipment that is too light and has too soft of flex.  The result will be woefully inconsistent contact, a lot of fat shots, and erratic height and direction.  As soon as we fit these lady golfers to the proper weight, flex, length and launch conditions, the results are very dramatic.  More consistency, better contact and increased distance!  Read more about our fitting for lady golfers here. So if you want to give a golfing mother you know a very special Mother’s Day gift, get her a complete clubfitting.  She will be on her way to better golf…faster!