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True Temper Dominates Iron Shafts on Tour This Weekend

July 7th, 2014

True Temper shafts were in the winners circle on the PGA Tour, web.com and Alston Open de France on the European Tour this past weekend. Truth in Numbers: The Greenbrier Classic winner’s bag: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (3-PW) 75 sets of True Temper shafts in play at The Greenbrier Classic The Nova Scotia Open winner’s bag: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (3-PW) The Alstom Open de France winner’s bag: Project X 6.5 (4-PW) In addition to these winning shafts, True Temper models in the XP line continue to grow in popularity in the amateur ranks.  By fitting to the proper shaft weight, flex, launch characteristics and feel, you will improve your consistency and confidence in your shots.

When should my Junior get fit?

July 7th, 2014

If your junior is really progessing rapidly in terms of a good golf swing and he or she wants to play competitivley, we suggest getting custom fit equipment as early as 10 years old.  We still need to consider the overall weight of the clubs and fit to lengths and shaft flexes that will allow the junior to grow into the clubs without being too long or too stiff.  Again, even with custom fit equipment, the junior will probably grow out of the clubs in a couple of years.  The good thing about custom fitting a junior into men’s or ladies clubs is that they can be re-shafted or extended as the junior grows.   Junior golfers are actually the most fun to fit.  Most junior golfers have unbelievable rhythm and timing.  The challenge is getting the proper equipment in their hands so that they can continue to improve their golf game as they grow and mature.  We have custom built clubs for juniors as young as 4 years old.  For beginner juniors the most important fitting issues are length and weight of the clubs.  Juniors can progress in their ability and stature very rapidly so it is important to... Read More

Powered by D’Lance…

July 7th, 2014

D’Lance Golf has created an exciting niche market in golf game improvement. By concentrating on the three most important areas; custom fit equipment, instruction and unlimited 24 hour access to state-of-the-art practice facilities, we have helped over 11,000 golfers of all playing levels, and around the world play better golf and have more fun! Our proprietary seven step club fitting and club building system helps our customers not only get a better fit club, but a set of equipment that is built to their exact specifications. Our association with some of the top instructors in the USA shows that the combination of great instruction and equipment that matches the golfers unique swing profile can help every golfer play better….faster. And, our unique, 24 hour access practice facilities were featured on the cover of USA Today, on the NBC Today Show, and were voted Westword’s Best of Denver in 2001 and 2002. Our mobile fitting trailer was introduced in 2006 and features some of the most advanced fitting equipment in the industry today. In the past three years D’Lance had expanded its presence with the use of the proprietary fitting system BGF!  Not only has D’Lance contracted with Golf Etc. of... Read More

Another Happy OBAN Kiyoshi Customer!

July 2nd, 2014

We are an authorized OBAN dealer…have been since Ralph tracked me down on the fitting trailer in Vail in 2007!  Just a note from another satisfied Kiyoshi Purple player.  “Wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the Driver you guys built me. Feels great, really like my ball flight, and feel confident to swing aggressively. I look forward to working with you again and dialing in the rest of my equipment. ”  Ryan H.

A New Era in Shaft Load Testing – GEARS from Natural Point – at Cobra Golf

July 2nd, 2014

I spent yesterday morning at the Cobra Golf headquarters in Carlsbad, CA where they have the GEARS Golf motion capture system set up in their R & D department.  I saw the system originally at the PGA Show in Orlando in January, 2014, and was intrigued by its capability to do a better measurement of shaft loading throughout the swing using high-speed cameras.  Well, I was pretty amazed at the technology and how it will help us become even better fitters.  We have been using the True Temper Shaft Lab for at least 15 years, and the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer for the last five or so.  This new system will allow us to even more accurately match shaft profiles to individual golfer’s swing dynamics.  Basically, the system tracks sensors using 8 eight high-speed (360 frames per second) cameras.  The sensors are attached to a club in the grip position, on the shaft and on the head.  Since they are very light weight, their is no impact on the actual measurements caused by the sensors.  When I took a swing, at least two of the eight cameras could track every marker during my entire swing.  After warming up, I was handed... Read More

How to get 10% more distance with your driver!

June 30th, 2014

Worked with a 70 year young gentleman over the weekend on finding him more distance with his driver.  On the surface, his current driver, Nike Sumo with VS Proto 65 shaft gave him some pretty good Trackman numbers.  Smash factor was 1.48 and spin was around 3000 rpm.  By switching out the driver head to an Adams XTD 10.5 set to 12 degrees, and a Fujikura Motore Speeder VC5.1 shaft (lighter shaft) we were able to pick up on average 17 yards!  That means hitting a shorter club into the greens, which is always good!  To validate the results, he took the driver out on the course and played 9 holes…actual improvement varied from +15-40 yards.  One happy camper, I mean golfer!!

MyGolfShafts Tour App in Golf DigestStix

June 11th, 2014

MyGolfShafts Tour, the latest app developed by ITB, Inc. in partnership with D’Lance Golf Performance Center is mentioned in the latest issue of Golf DigestStix, the weekly ezine from Golf Digest.  http://www.golfdigeststix.com/golfdigeststix/20140611?sub_id=YVeeaUrVepKy#pg1 MyGolfShafts Tour is designed to give even more shaft detail and comparisons the its predecessors, MyGolfShafts Lite and Pro.  Designed for the Apple iPad, Tour also allows the user to enter multiple clients/students and capture multiple sessions using launch monitor data.  Future versions will allow direct integration with FlightScope, Trackman and Foresight launch monitors instead of manually entering the data.  Subscribers will be able to upgrade to those versions at no charge when they become available.  To find out more about the MyGolfShafts Tour app and download your 7 day trial go to http://tour.mygolfshafts.com/

Time for a Hybrid Iron?

June 9th, 2014

If you are looking for a couple of beautiful forged hybrid-style irons, look no further than the Mizuno MP-H4 and the Tour Edge Exotics CB PRO hybrid (shown at left).  I hit both of these in a 6 iron side by side over the weekend and the feeling was pretty darn smooth.  Launch angle is about a degree and a half higher with both of these than my standard MP-59 iron but distance was the same.  What I really liked was the forgiveness on my typical toe hit.  No more short siding by 10 yards!  My opinion is that these two irons are the best hybrid-style irons in the golf industry right now.

What Does Clubfitting Mean to You?

June 2nd, 2014

When a customer comes in to our fitting studio for a clubfitting, I always ask if they have been through a clubfitting before.  While over 50% say that they have, there is a dramatic difference between a Good clubfitting and The Best clubfitting.  I have provided here link to a simple explanation of the different  Levels of Clubfitting 2014 (click link to view).  In a Good clubfitting, you were probably fit to length, shaft weight, loft, lie, and grip size by someone that had years of experience and observed your ball flight.  The cost of the fitting was minimal and probably was included in the purchase of equipment.  A Better clubfitting would include the use of a launch monitor to measure such things as ball speed, club speed, launch angle, spin rates and shot dispersion.  The number should clearly show you which club(s) you hit the best and what your optimum numbers should be in each of the aforementioned categories.  In both the Good and the Better clubfittings you either purchased equipment directly from the fitter or had them order equipment from the manufacturer. Now let’s take a fitting to the next level, the Tour level.  During a Best clubfitting, the fitter... Read More

Are All Forged Irons Created Equal?

June 2nd, 2014

Well, the manufacturer’s of forged irons would have you believe that their forging process is “the best”, but in both our testing and other independent testing, the real differences in the feel and performance of different forged irons is in the design.   When we test clubs, we use the same shaft for each club so we know we are doing a good comparison.  It is rare to see any differences in club speed but it is often that we see differences in ball speed and launch angle because of the design of the head and the loft.  Typical lofts on forged irons are higher than their cast counterparts because forged irons are designed for better players that will de-loft the club at impact (a more negative attack angle).  I will say that I am seeing more forged irons come to market.  A new forged iron that we are excited about is the Epon line from Endo manufacturing.  Endo makes a lot of forged clubs for many of the major equipment companies.  Endo is the largest Japanese forged club manufacturer.  The Epon design seems to have more options for golfers that need a little more forgiveness.  Epon is THE premium forged... Read More