TrackMan Combine

The Ultimate Golf Skills Test!

TrackMan Combine

The Results are Pretty Cool!!

Now you can see exactly how you hit your clubs to specific targets AND get a free evaluation of your driver…all while seeing how you compare to golfers around the world.  The test involves you hitting 6 shots to each of 10 targets and being scored on accuracy and distance control.  This report and evaluation would normally cost over $200! 

Below is a copy of my on-line report from

The results of the combine test were pretty humbling for me.  How I have managed to play as well as I do is beyond me!  The only yardage I came even close was 110-120 yds where I was in the 97th percentile of all Amateurs.  Well, I have a lot of work to do and can hardly wait until the next round of the Combine in late August!

Combine Dates:

August…To Be Determined!


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