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Weekly Golf Club Specials – 24 Hour Indoor Practice Memberships!

Take 25% OFF ALL

24 Hour Practice Memberships

(excluding 30 Day individual and Family Memberships)




Individual 60 Day – $134.25 (Reg. $179)

Individual 3 Month – $186.75 (Reg.$249)

Individual 6 Month – $261.75 (Reg. $349)

Individual Annual – $411.75 (Reg. $549)

Family 60 Day – $186.75 (Reg. $249)

Family 3 Month – $261.75 (Reg. $349)

Family 6 Month – $374.25 (Reg. $499)

Family Annual – $524.25 (reg. $699)

Offer expires 10/30/2016

Top 100 Best Clubfitters in America 2011, 2013, 2015

Weekly Custom Club LIFETIME, DRIVER and WOOD Fitting Specials!!!!

How is YOUR golf season going?  Are you playing as well as you would like?  Let US help you!!

There is a reason why we are consistently on the Golf Digest America’s Top 100 Club Fitters List… Come in and see why!


Complete Lifetime Fitting – $350 (Reg. $450)

(Putter Fitting is NOT included in the discounted Complete Club Fitting)

Beginner Golfer $200

Wood Fitting – $150 (Reg. $225)

Iron Fitting – $225

Driver Fitting – $50 (Reg. $100)

Wedge Fitting $100

Hybrid Fitting $100

Junior Fitting –  $75

Did you KNOW that your Lifetime Fitting means you can come in at ANY TIME for a free fit!  Technology changes quickly in this game, make sure you stay on top of the changes!


This is a Lifetime Fitting – Never pay another fee for a re-fit or check up!

Offer Extended thru 10/30/2016


G series

Weekly Shaft Specials – Graphite Re-Shafts!

Dan Picks the Graphite Design DI Hybrid shafts as his pick of the week…


Take 20% OFF

ALL Graphite Shafts – Including – Graphite Design, Oban, UST Mamiya, PFC and Project X



On Custom Re-Shaft Orders!


Offer Extended thru 10/30/2016

Schedule Your Appointment TODAY!

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Free Golf Fitness Evaluation ($100 Value)…

Get a Free Golf Fitness Evaluation ($100 Value) with the Purchase of a Complete Club Fitting OR a 3 Month Membership

You May Pick Up your Certificate for the Fitness Evaluation with Colorado Golf Fitness Club when you come in for your Complete Club Fitting or come in for your Member Orientation.

OFFER EXPIRES 10/30/2016

Purchase a Fitting HERE…

Purchase a Membership HERE…

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Download MyGolfShafts Lite, PRO or MyGolfShafts Tour – Shaft Recommendations Apps

If you have never been through a high-tech custom clubfitting before, now you can at least find out what shafts may fit YOUR unique swing.  See the write up in Golf DigeSTIX here.
MyGolfShafts Lite is a FREE app and MyGolfShafts Pro is for serious golfers with launch monitor data.  Download the Lite or Pro app, Like MyGolfShafts on Facebook or Follow MyGolfShafts on Twitter and get entered to win a Pro Tour Driver shaft that matches your swing!

Available in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.   Download MyGolfShafts App….

For the Golf Professional, Instructor or equipment junkie, MyGolfShafts Tour offers much more data.  Check out MyGolfShafts Tour here..

“I used the Lite app to help me cut through the confusion of all the shafts in the marketplace.  I am signing up for the Pro app to get recommendations for my fairway woods and hybrids.”  Ted S., Massachusetts. 

“The Pro version is worth twice as much as the $5.99.  Great value and actually recommended the shafts I was fitted for in my irons.”  L. C., Luxemborg.