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24 Hour Memberships

Don’t know what to get for your partner or family member who loves golf?

Give the Gift of Practice in the warmth this winter for your special golfer!

ALL of OUR Memberships come with 24 HOUR ACCESS!

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TaylorMade M4

Shaft Specials

I cannot emphasize enough that the shaft is the key part of the club that gets you more distance, better accuracy and improved consistency. The proper shaft weight, flex, profile (trajectory and spin) as well as club length and swing weight make all the difference in performance. So make sure all of your clubs are fit to YOUR swing, not the average Jane or Joe Big Box. See your clubfitter ASAP! Better Golf…Faster!


Purchase NEW Custom Clubs and take 15% OFF the Custom Shaft!

Re-Shaft YOUR EXISTING CLUBS and take 10% OFF the Custom Shafts!

Offer Ends 2/18/2018


Lifetime Fitting Specials – Valentines Day!

Our clubfittings are good for your lifetime!  Come back next month, next year, or five years from now and never pay another fitting fee!

Your fitting process is the most comprehensive I have been through, and I have been through quite a few. -Rob M., Denver, CO.

Our Fitting Specials This Week are –

2 for 1 Valentines Special – $225 Each Lifetime Fitting for you and your partner – Total $450

Complete Clubfitting – $300 (Reg. $450)

Iron and Wedge Fitting Fitting – $150 (Reg. $225)

Wood and Fairway Wood Fitting – $150 (Reg. $225)

Driver Fitting – $50 (Reg. $100)

Junior Fitting – $100 (Reg. $125)

Hybrid Fitting – $100

Wedge Fitting $100

Putter Fitting – $50

Ball Fitting – $35

Beginner Fitting – $200


Sale Ends 2/18/2018


Download MyGolfShafts Lite for Android – Shaft Recommendations Apps

If you have never been through a high-tech custom clubfitting before, now you can at least find out what shafts may fit YOUR unique swing.  See the write up in Golf DigeSTIX here.
MyGolfShafts Lite is a FREE app!  Download the Lite app, Like MyGolfShafts on Facebook or Follow MyGolfShafts on Twitter and get entered to win a Pro Tour Driver shaft that matches your swing!

Available in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.   Download MyGolfShafts App….

“I used the Lite app to help me cut through the confusion of all the shafts in the marketplace.  I am signing up for the Pro app to get recommendations for my fairway woods and hybrids.”  Ted S., Massachusetts.