Indoor Golf Practice Facility

Colorado’s ONLY 24 Hr. Indoor Golf Practice Facility!

Practice makes permanent so make your practice count.  When you sign up for a membership, you will be given a security code that allows you to access our indoor golf practice facility 24 hours a day!  You can even reserve a practice bay on-line!  Unlimited access…unlimited practice time…unlimited balls.  Absolutely the best facility to practice your game in year-round comfort.  See our membership plans here…

D’Lance Golf’s indoor golf range is designed to provide you with the visual feedback you need to improve your game faster. D’Lance Golf’s 24 hour indoor facility includes hitting bays, putting surfaces and training aids. We utilize the latest in launch monitors and swing analyzers from Golf Achiever and Computer Coach. With the D’Lance Golf unlimited, 24 hour access membership plan, you can drop strokes faster than ever before. Our golf instructors are available to provide you tips and techniques as part of your membership. We provide a variety of swing training tools to help groove your swing and create muscle memory. D’Lance Golf offers several membership plans and the 24 hour access makes it easy to practice at your convenience.

Practice your putting indoors on our tour-quality putting green. The professional-quality surface has the realistic roll and feel of an outdoor green.

Golf Achiever

Using the latest in Laser Technology, the Golf Achiever accurately measures ball speed, launch angle and club face angle/ball azimuth to calculate ten other important facts about your golf shot. D’Lance members use the Golf Achiever to determine the correct driver loft for their swing to achieve maximum distance. Members even use the Golf Achiever to determine which ball to play.


Computer Coach

Video your swing from face-on and down the line views using ComputerCoach Pro. Draw lines to see your swing plane, clubhead path, body position and many other key aspects of your swing. Compare your swing side by side with PGA and LPGA pros. This program is so easy to use, we teach you how to use it yourself. Upload your swing to the internet or burn your own CD.



Training Aids

D’Lance Golf is always providing the latest in training aids FREE to its members.  These training aids include the Orange Whip tempo trainer, Orange Peel, Momentus clubs, Medicus clubs, Gary Wiren’s Impact Bag, and many more.  These training aids will definitely change your game.