Fitness and Nutrition for Golfers

Golf equipment and golf instruction has changed dramatically in the last 25 years.  Has this helped golfers improve their games?  Absolutely!  But now there is a new paradigm shift.  Dee Tidwell, founder of Colorado Golf Fitness Club, has created a new approach to help his clients radically change their life and their golf game.  See his specials below.

Updated 10/15/2014!  After seeing the dramatic improvement in several of my customers golf games, I just had to try this myself.  The results were exactly what Dee told me would happen.  I have lost over 35 pounds and am keeping the weight off.  I am far more flexible and actually have a golf “swing” now.  And, I have the distance and consistency I had when I was 15 years younger.  We even identified an old injury that was hindering my swing and did some specific rehab to correct it.  I plan on sticking with this incredible program!  Dan Sueltz, Founder, D’Lance Golf.




So get with the modern approach to improving your golf game and your health.  Check out all of the new programs at


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