New Veylix Rome Shaft is Sweet

When JC and Jennifer contacted me about their new shaft line, I thought it would be pretty good based upon the write up I saw.  Well, I had a chance to put the new Rome 688 in play with my ZL Encore and the results were pretty sweet.  First off, the cosmetics are awesome…love the ion plating.  I am not sure if design-wise this is meant to happen but of the two ion plated shafts I have tested, my club head speed increased by roughly 1 mph (92 to 93) so there is something going on here.  The shaft feels very stable and gives low-to-mid spin numbers.  Ball flight is right on track with my current shaft, the Elements 7 MK.  For every test I do, all shafts are built to my exact specs for length, flex and swing weight.  That said, the Rome yielded about 5 extra total yards on my best hits but dispersion was a little wider than I would like.   I think that is because I typically play a little heavier shaft for control.  We are excited to be able to carry this shaft line.  Can’t wait to get the Alpina in for testing!

  • Jeffrey Goh

    Hi would like to know your opinion on the Alpina?

  • Dan Sueltz

    There are two versions of the Alpina…the 673 and the lighter weight 573. I have only tested the 673 in a driver and it performed very well. Launch is mid to high and spin is also mid to high. This shaft will work very well for a swing speed around 85 or below as the spin will help get the ball in the air and carry farther. The feel is smooth yet solid at a one-piece shaft.