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Veylix Mansion Shaft Review

June 3rd, 2019

JC is always on the lookout for new materials and new designs for the Veylix line.  Well, the new Mansion shafts – EXP-7.FM5 (70 gram) and EXP-5.FM5 (50 gram), are built using some of the latest in both pre-preg material and outer layer. Book Your Fitting to see if a Mansion Shaft fits YOUR swing! Two Different Profiles In our profile testing, the EXP-5 and EXP-7 actually exhibited a couple of different profiles.  We measure and rank shafts based upon their butt, mid and tip stiffness as well as things like torque and balance point.  While there are similarities, here is what we found in our testing: Butt Stiffness Both of these shafts play true to flex, meaning, the R flex will play to an R and the S flex will play like an S.  We did find the EXP-7 to actually have a slightly softer butt section than the EXP-5.  This means you may need an X flex when you thought an S would do the trick in the EXP-7. Mid Stiffness Expect both the EXP-5 and EXP-7 to have a fairly firm mid section so the club feels more stable throughout the swing (no whip at the bottom). ... Read More

Optimize Driver Loft for More DIstance

May 26th, 2019

Optimize YOUR Driver Loft for More Distance. In the previous segment of this blog, we discussed hitting the ball on the sweet spot in order to optimize your “smash factor” or efficiency.  In general, this will be a spot that is slightly towards the toe and just above the center of the clubface.  Remember, to maximize distance, it is a combination of ball speed, launch angle and spin rate.  Schedule Your Driver Fitting Today! In this segment, we are going to talk about the optimum launch angle for your club speed.  Launch angle is determined by several factors: Club loft Angle of Attack Impact point on the clubface Forward lean of the shaft Club Loft In general, the slower the swing or club speed, the higher the loft of the driver to optimize both carry and roll.  Most drivers come in degrees of loft from 8.5 to 16.  Long Drive competitors have drivers that have only 4 to 7.5 degrees of loft.  This is because at higher ball speeds, there is considerably more lift created which allows the ball to climb rapidly after impact.   Let’s assume for now that you have a 100 mph club speed and your driver launch... Read More

Wedge Fitting for Bounce and Grind

May 15th, 2019

Wedge fitting for bounce and grind goes beyond the more common fitting for loft and lie.  Wedges, especially any wedge over 52 degrees of loft, are used for shots that require touch and execution.  There are a couple of new design options from Callaway and TaylorMade that can add to your creativity and shot making around the green and from heavy rough.  Specifically, the Callaway PM Grind 19 and TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe are ones to try.  See our Wedge Fitting guide here for more on lofts and lies. What shaft should you play in your wedges?  See our recommendations here… Bounce The type of ground you are playing from (rough, hard pan, sand, fairway, deep rough) and the type of swing plane you have (shallow/sweeper, neutral, steep/digger) will determine what bounce you should ideally have on your wedges.  In general, the tighter the lie, the lower the bounce you want on your wedge to avoid “bouncing” off the ground or sand, especially with a shallow to neutral swing plane.  The deeper the rough or softer the sand, the more bounce you need to avoid having the club “stick” and not slide through the shot.  For example, my home course... Read More

PXG Introduces their new 0211 Cast Irons!

May 9th, 2019

What would you do if you could purchase some of the best clubs in the world within your budget? PXG has just introduced their 0211 Irons featuring a stainless-steel cast body, paired with the PXG’s unique hollow-body design, the industry’s thinnest face, and with their proprietary COR2 Technology. PXG has also created a 15% more functional face area by using an internal-face parameter cut out.  This yields a larger trampoline area for the COR2 technology.  The result is unparalleled outstanding performance and an unmatched feel  you wouldn’t expect from a cast iron, at a price, starting at $195 per club.  A low price point you wouldn’t expect from PXG, but makes their innovative technology and reputation of having the best clubs on the market, within reach for everyone. We expect to have our demos in stock within a few weeks to test on Trackman and in our lab.  With PXG’s outstanding history with their club making, we expect nothing but the best from their new cast irons.  Stay tuned for more information! Pre-order for the 0211 cast irons begins May 7th and will be available for shipping the end of May.  Contact us at 303-730-2717 or schedule an appointment for... Read More

CATALYST CW 80 and 100 Iron Shafts

May 4th, 2019

The Project X CATALYST CW 80 and 100 shafts are a great option for golfers wanting a graphite shaft rather than steel but do not want a higher launching shaft.  Designed with a firmer tip section that is similar in properties to steel shafts, these 80 and 100 gram shafts are much lower launching than some of the graphite shafts of similar weights in the market. Book your fitting to see if these shafts will work for your swing! In addition, because of the firmer tip design, these CATALYST CW shafts offer better turf interaction for better shot dispersion and consistent ball flight. And of course a feature of these heavier weight graphite composite shafts is the vibration dampening gives a better feel than steel on miss-hit shots. The CATALYST CW(constant weight) shafts come in two weights, the CATALYST 80 (85 grams) and the CATALYST 100 (100 grams).  The shafts are Constant Weight design so each shaft will weigh the same in a 3 iron length or a PW length.  These shafts are only available in taper tip (.355″) but lengths from 3 iron to Pitching Wedge. Book your fitting to see if these shafts will work for your swing!... Read More

Our Best Performing Iron Shafts – 2019

April 28th, 2019

Our Best Performing Iron Shafts.  Updated for 2019. We fit a LOT of different golfers every year and the shafts we put into their irons (and wedges) is determined by our BGF Fitting System, TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard and player testing during the fitting.  Our fitting recommendations include length of iron, shaft weight, shaft trajectory and spin profile, shaft flex, and swing weight.  Loft and lie are determined by launch monitor testing.  The recommendations are determined by a golfers physical characteristics (height, weight, wrist crease-to-floor), strength (distance), launch characteristics (actual and desired trajectory, spin, dispersion), and swing dynamics (tempo, transition and release point). Book Your Fitting to See Which of These Hot Shafts May Fit YOUR Swing. When we test in our dynamic fitting sessions, we choose 4-5 shafts that match the BGF Fitting System recommendations, and then test on TrackMan for performance with a head chosen by our fitters and the golfer.  Once we determine the best performing shaft, we try different heads to narrow down the selection.  When using our TrueFitClubs Fitting Wizard, we rely on our golfers description of their shot shape and desired results. Bottom line is that these shafts have done the best job of increasing... Read More

Get Maxxed Out – New KBS MAX Graphite Iron Shafts

April 25th, 2019

KBS is really putting some effort into their graphite shafts with the new KBS MAX Graphite iron shafts.  What is cool about these shafts is that they come in 5 different weight classes and are designed for high to mid-high launch which is great for today’s iron head designs for slower swing speeds.  Book your fitting to see which shaft will work for your swing! The other nice thing about these shafts is that they are designed for custom club builders like us so that we can really adjust flex and launch angle according to the needs of our customers.  These shafts are available in 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85 gram models.  In our preliminary testing, these shafts show very good consistency and quality across all weight classes.  Shaft profiles are also similar in each weight so we are confident that the launch characteristics will be similar, for example, between a 65 and 75 gram version. Book your fitting to see which shaft will work for your swing! Dan Sueltz  

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Review

April 8th, 2019

The new Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow is the latest addition to the new Smoke line.  The Smoke Yellow continues the same counter balanced design as the original Yellow which will help reduce swing weight by up to three points in today’s modern drivers.  Featuring different materials, the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow will have a stiffer mid section which will make this shaft feel very stable from transition to impact.  This shaft is really more mid launch but still has pretty low spin in our testing.  Great not only for driver but fairway woods! The butt stiffness of the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow is pretty stout which is why the shafts are designated TS and TX for Tour Stiff and Tour X.  These shafts will play a full flex stiffer in the butt section versus a traditional S or X flex. The thing we also like about these shafts is that they are also a little higher torque so the feel will be a lot smoother even though the shafts have a stiff butt section and midsection.  Available in 6.0TS, TX and 6.5TS, TX in 60 gr (66-67) and 6.0TS, TX and 6.5TS, TX in 70 gr (76-78). Book your fitting to... Read More

Best Fairway Woods 2019

March 25th, 2019

We have tested a wide variety of fairway woods introduced in 2018-2019 and the results are not totally surprising.  There are some new models that are making some statements, like PXG and Tour Edge. How We Test All of our club testing is done with shafts that have been determined to be the best fit for our testers.  That way, the results are truly independent of the stock shaft a particular manufacturer may use.  Our testers range from low to high handicappers and swing speeds from 80 to 110 with a driver. Big Improvements in Performance Well, the changes in the way the USGA measures the legality of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids have given some clubs a tremendous amount of added distance.  I did an article on this a few years ago and the major manufacturers have jumped on the change from COR to CT measurements.  I also had it confirmed by the senior product director at one of the major manufacturers.  The best new fairway woods will show increases of 1-4 mph in ball speed, reduced spin and higher launch angles.  The result is that now you can hit a higher lofted fairway wood, a 4 wood for example... Read More

ACCRA Golf Shafts – A Perfect Match For Every Swing

March 20th, 2019

ACCRA Golf Shafts Exclusively for Clubfitters Winner of the 2019 U.S. Open trusted ACCRA shafts in his driver and 3 wood.  Check out his bag here! If you have not heard of ACCRA golf shafts, it is about time you did!  These shafts have been in the industry for years and are offered exclusively through a network of the most talented clubfitters and club builders in the world.  At D’Lance Golf Performance Center, we offer every shaft available from ACCRA.  We have tested all of them in our shaft profiling system and know EXACTLY which shaft(s) will work for your swing.  Here are the cool things to know about ACCRA shafts: Shafts for Beginners and Pros A lot of shaft companies focus only on the PGA Tour players and develop shafts strictly for that audience.  They hope that this will have a “trickle down” effect so the average golfer will buy those shafts.  The problem is, most golfers could never swing the shaft that the tour pros use!   So, ACCRA has made several different lines of shafts with different shaft profiles and different price points.  This means that the average golfer can get “fitted” with shafts that match THEIR swing but... Read More