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The putter is the most used club in the bag. It’s used more than twice as much as any other club. But somehow it doesn’t receive the attention that the big headed drivers and hybrids are getting these days.  Putting is also the most tense action in golf. The target is close and clearly in view and the physical requirements are not as demanding, so visualization and imagination play a bigger roll than in other parts of the game. The best putters are not always the golfers with the best mechanics or technique.

I can’t believe how much difference the new shafts made. Every shot is crisp and consistent. -John M., Houston, TX



select-2016-overview“Scotty Cameron Select putters feature sleek, performance-oriented models with new technology, shapes and configurations.  The new Select line blends precision milled Scotty Cameron craftsmanship with multi-material technology proven at the highest levels of competition.” Titleist Golf





“Originally designed for Dustin Johnson, the new Spider Tour Black features an all-black body, all-black shaft, and a removed sightline for clean alignment. Further benefitting from TaylorMade’s Pure Roll insert, Spider Tour Black delivers more topspin and better forward roll to get the ball on line faster and keep it on line longer.” – TaylorMade Golf





putters-2017-o-works-1w-ss____1“The O-Works #1 Wide Putter is a compact heel-toe weighted blade with a wide flange, high contrast Versa alignment, Microhinge Face Insert, a double bend shaft, adjustable weights, full-shaft offset and a Superstroke grip. ” – Odyssey Golf





hero-putters-gunboat-darkness-lePXG’s milled insert putters offer the same celebrated thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) core technology found in our 0311 irons—improving sound, feel and forgiveness. This cutting-edge TPE technology combines with a soft billet-milled 304 stainless steel face to provide an extremely solid feel at impact. The bodies are milled from high-quality 303 stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, and feature titanium and tungsten weighting elements. Eleven different putter models offer a multitude of fitting options to suit any swing. -PXG





“The Heavy Putter will instantly improve your control on the greens. By incorporating a back weighting system under the grip, we are able to alter your body mechanics and improve the consistency of your stroke.- Boccieri Golf