Ball Fitting – Reg. $35


With the RIGHT Ball You can add 10 to 20 yards!

Ball selection has gone to another level with the advent of technology that can actually measure ball performance at literally any ball speed.  And it’s not just about distance, but accuracy as well.  Come in for an analysis and see what ball you should be playing for distance, accuracy, feel and overall performance.  Over 90 balls to choose from!  Our Ball Fitting is approximately thirty (30) minutes.



The dual-dimple design is intended to reduce drag during launch and enhance lift late in flight for more carry. The urethane covers on the B330 and B330-S are thinner for better feel. The mantle on the RX models is softer to control spin on drives.







This extremely fast core leads to high ball speed and maximum distance for a wide range of swing speeds.







The injection-molded polymer resin in the inner core and mantle is twice the amount of the 2011 version. Its lighter weight compared to traditional rubber cores helps reduce the ball’s spin on tee shots and maintain higher spin on short shots.