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Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage TiNi Goes Mainstream on PGA Tour

February 9th, 2015

Jason Day used the Kuro Kage TiNi to win in a playoff at Torrey Pines on Sunday.  Jason is one of 15 of the top 25 PGA Tour players that have Mitsubishi Rayon Shafts in their bags.  We tested the Kuro Kage TiNi a little over a year ago when it was in its prototype stage and were impressed with its stability and low spin (See our post here).  Mitsubishi Rayon has a wide variety of iron, hybrid and wood shafts to literally fit every style of golfer.  We know…we test them and have them all in our shaft research database!

2015 Golf Digest Equipment Hot List in Golf Digestix

January 26th, 2015

After  44 players, retailers, scientists and editors tested 307 clubs, they came up with the 2015 Golf Digest Equipment Hot List.  Some of the results were surprising to us but all of the usual suspects gained some ground in the Hot List Gold categories of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, super game-improvement irons, game-improvement irons, players irons, wedges and putters.  In general, if you stick with Callaway, Cobra, Nike, Ping, Mizuno, TaylorMade and Titleist, you will have 79 of the 111 clubs rated Gold.  For some like Hopkins and Scratch, it was cool just that they made the list. The sneak peek was in the Golf Digestix online magazine last week.  The official list will start being unveiled in the March, 2105 issue.  Take a look! http://www.golfdigeststix.com/golfdigeststix/20150121?sub_id=LttGrCMXn9mp#pg1

TaylorMade R15 and Aeroburner Launch Today!

January 9th, 2015

The PGA Tour starts its Hawaii swing and the new TaylorMade Drivers launch TODAY!  White is back and the new look is better than ever.  More of a pearl white and the finish looks like it will not dull like the original RocketBallz.  And performance?  Better than SLDR by at least 10%.  And if you do not need adjustability, the new Aeroburner performance will knock your socks off AND save you some $$.  Schedule your driver fitting today and check these bad boys out!

New Drivers for 2015

December 15th, 2014

While I hope each company does not launch 8 different driver models in one year, it is always exciting when we see the latest models hit the shop.  We have the Callaway Big Bertha 815 and 815 Double Diamond, Tour Edge E8 Beta, TaylorMade R15 (Black and White finish), Ping G30 and Titleist 915 in and ready for fitting.  What will you see with these new drivers?  Low(er) spin, more adjustability, expanded sweet spots.  Again, its all about getting more distance which fits right in with our blog series!  Next up in 2015 will be the Callaway series that replaces the X2Hot.

TaylorMade R15 – White is Back!

November 24th, 2014

Coming from TaylorMade January 9, 2015, the newest product lines:  R15 and Aero Burner!.  Just had these drivers as well as the fairway woods and hybrids in the shop for quick testing.  The black version of the R15 driver you see in the picture will be the only black club offered…all other clubs are only available in the new pearl white finish. I like the R15 adjustability for both fade/draw and that the weights are removable so we can manage swing weight.  Lofts are also adjustable +/- 2 degrees.  Lofts on the R15 and Aero Burner driver will now play more realistic so you do not have to play a 12 degree driver to get it to launch like your old 10.5! All of the drivers sounded nice and solid and performed well with the stock shafts.  The new R15 hybrids have a distinctly Adams look to them, which will appeal to better players.  The Aero Burner clubs are all directly bonded so no adjustability, even in the driver.

TrackMan User Conference Focus on Instruction and Fitting

November 9th, 2014

The Trackman User Conference last week in Celebration, FL featured clinics on how to use Trackman for improving fitting and instruction.  I picked up a lot of good tips on both driver and bag fitting and shared some of our research on shaft fitting with attendees.  Bottom line on driver fitting is fit for ball speed, launch angle and spin which will optimize both distance AND accuracy.  And, if you really want to lower your scores, you need to hit your drives farther!  Research from thousands of shots from amateurs around the world prove that hitting even just one club shorter iron/hybrid into greens can drop 2-3 strokes off your game.  If you have not had us optimize your distance and accuracy, come in for a Trackman fitting using our BGF Fitting System.  Take strokes off your game!

Long Driver Connor Power’s Move is All About Fitness

October 27th, 2014

If you are a fan of the Long Drivers of America and their quest for the $250,00 winner take all prize, you will witness some interesting swing mechanics.  Connor Powers looks a bit more like Happy Gilmore than a golfer but his moves have put him in the Elite 8 qualifiers that go head-to-head in Las Vegas on November 4th at Paiute Golf Resort.    Take a look at his swing and what he does to create his tremendous club speed here…  While not every golfer is destined to be on the LDA circuit, you can improve your game with some strength, stability, and conditioning work.  If you are ready to take you game up a notch, Dee Tidwell at Colorado Golf Fitness Club can get you on the right track!

Ian Poulter moves from Cobra/Puma to Titleist

October 22nd, 2014

Ian Poulter announced yesterday via Twitter that he is moving to Titleist from Cobra/Puma.  While not totally unexpected, this was a quick move for Mr. Poulter.  Others had speculated that he may move to Wilson or Srixon, based on the need for these companies to have a European star on staff.  Will this move bring any fallout in followers of the Cobra brand or an uptick in the Titleist brand?  Take our poll here and tell us if you are influenced by what the Tour players use.

The Most Popular Driver at the Ryder Cup is ?????

September 22nd, 2014

2014 Ryder Cup players will be gaming drivers from 8 different manufacturers.  The most popular driver is the TaylorMade SLDR with five players using this design, while Nike (Rory McIlroy) and Bridgestone (Matt Kuchar) each have only one of their drivers in play.  A couple of players are using drivers that are last year’s model or older.  As we know, even more interesting are the shaft choices for each player.  While the shafts are certainly XStiff in almost all cases, the lengths vary from 43.5 inches (Sergio Garcia) to 45.5″ (Hunter Mahan) and from 65 grams to 105 grams.  These players are all plenty long off the tee so it is all about consistency, accuracy and managing their misses.  That’s how we fit our players as well!  For more about these guys and their drivers go here. 

Big Win for Billy Horschel at the Fed-Ex Cup

September 15th, 2014

Back-to-Back wins at the BMW championship and Coca-Cola championship is a pretty sweet way to end the season, and put a few million in the bank!  And, Billy nearly won the week before the BMW!  Just shows that when you get on a roll, your confidence goes up and you can play in a great zone!  While Billy had a pretty solid bag of PING clubs, he played an Aldila Rogue 60X in his driver and OBAN Kiyoshi Black 75 shafts in his 3 and 5 wood.  These shafts are all low-launch, low-spin and have a very firm feel.  The G30 9 degree driver (set to 10.5) proved to be a solid performer for the last two weeks.  Come in and we will show you what new shafts we have to offer may fit YOU in the new G30 line-up.  It’s all about creating confidence with your clubs.