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Congratulations Cole Krantz – Colorado PGA Junior Championship Boys Winner

July 11th, 2015

Cole Krantz of Windsor and Caroline Jordaan of Cherry Hills Village won titles Friday in the Colorado PGA Junior Championship at Indian Tree Golf Club in Arvada, and by doing so each qualified for the national PGA Junior Championship, set for Bryan, Texas Aug. 3-6. Krantz shot a 1-over-par 71 in Friday’s final round, leaving him with a 2-under 138 total in the boys competition. That was good for a two-stroke victory over U.S. Junior Amateur qualifier Coby Welch of Highlands Ranch and Alec Poorman of Boulder. Welch closed with a 71 and Poorman with a 73. We started fitting Cole three years ago and have seen tremendous changes in his strength and ability.  He is now one of the longest hitters in the Colorado Junior Golf Association and certainly deserves his recent win.  Congratulations and good luck at the PGA Junior Championship!

Project X HC LZ 50 Shaft Delivers More Distance!

July 9th, 2015

We have had a LOT of success with the Project X Hand Crafted (HC) shafts since their introduction but the HC LZ (Loading Zone) 50 has been a clear winner in terms of feel, low spin and mid launch.  “I picked up 20 yards into a stiff headwind versus my old driver you fit me for in 2011.  Easily 30-40 yards down wind.  Order another of those shafts and work your magic!”.  Clark B., Hingham, MA.  The entire LZ line is easy to fit into almost any golfers bag.  Come in and see if this shaft fits YOUR game!  

Hybrid Clubs Can Play a BIG Role in Your Game! Just ask Jay!

June 29th, 2015

Hybrids can be a fickle addition to your bag.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes great!  For some golfers, the look of the club makes a big difference as well as the setup (shaft, length, weight, flex).  We took a couple of swings at getting some hybrids dialed in for Jay with so-so results.  Shafts were great but the look and feel were not there.  Well, we finally settled on the Callaway XR hybrids and voila!   Just wanted to let you know, your reign as the greatest club fitter of all time continues. The Callaway XR hybrids are awesome! They are so good, that they went into the bag over the weekend. I played the senior club championship and won the whole thing (net division). Shot 83 on Saturday and 79 on Sunday (personal best at my club) and won the net. The hybrids played a huge role. Hit them a lot, both off the tee and from the fairway. Now the old TaylorMade are in no mans land. They are on the shelf, headed for the travel set, but not ready for that move yet. Thanks for working with me on this. 3rd times a charm!

Ignacio Arcaya Jr. Takes 5th in U.S. Kid’s European Championship

June 1st, 2015

Great job, Ignacio!  We fit this young man last year at age 13 and now in the 14 year old age group, he took fifth place in a strong field.  The tournament was held in Lufness New Golf Club in Scotland.  The three-day tournament was played in typical cool, rainy, windy Scottish weather.  Ignaciao is originally from Caracas, Venezuala, but now resides in Miami, Florida.  Congratulations, Ignaci0.  I am sure we will see you on the PGA Tour someday!

Great Win for Bob Beiersdorf in the CGA Senior Four-Ball Tournament

May 6th, 2015

This is a great win for two super golfers in a VERY competitive 50+ Senior age group.  These guys caught fire in a bottle the last two days.   Awesome! (Bob is on the left). “Dan & PJ,  I owe you a debt of gratitude for both fitting me and building my irons and metal-woods that allow me to execute at a higher level!  Please check-out the cogolf.org CGA website for the Sr. Four-Ball results.  That would not have been possible without your expertise as a top club-fitter in the US! We’ve discussed results like this for two years.  The confidence I’ve gained from custom-fitted shaft technology has resulted in longer drives, narrower shot dispersion, shorter birdie putts, and the opportunity to swing harder with greater predictability.  That means the only limiting factor in reaching my potential as a competitive senior amateur is me, not my equipment. Thanks again for helping me achieve an accomplishment with my playing partner Rick that defines my greatest golf accomplishment so far!” Bob’s Winning WITB: Driver:  Tour Edge Exotics E8 Beta with Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki J 70X 3 Wood:  Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro 14.5 degree with Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki J 80X Hybrid:  Tour Edge... Read More

The Great Club Fitting Results Just Keep on Coming in!

May 1st, 2015

Dan, I am a 16 handicap and I have had the new clubs you fitted for me for a short time.  I went out yesterday and shot an 80 and my ball striking was the best ever.  I hit 11 greens in regulation and if my chipping was a little sharper I could have easily broken 80.  I have been playing for 55 years and have only broken 80 about 8 times.  To say I am delighted with my new clubs and your workmanship is an understatement.  Thanks again                                                                                Best Regards,  Bob S.,  Biddeford, ME

Another Amateur Lady Golfer Gets A Great Win with Mizuno Irons!

April 10th, 2015

Hey there Dan, Thought you'd enjoy hearing that I participated in the Florida State Golf Association's Women's Senior Amateur Championship in Vero Beach, FL on Tuesday & Wednesday and won my division! 🙂 Played division just below Championship one...5,400 yards, gross and net. Super tough course, windy (3 miles from ocean), very hard greens/difficult to hold & all surrounded by bunkers and insanely undulating greens on back 9. Played practice round on Monday and diagrammed every green including rolling balls, which surely helped me have 30 and 31 putts. My index is now 2.4, down 5 points in a year! Partly due to meeting and working with a great PGA instructor but surely also because of my new Mizunos which I love. People notice them and ask me about them. Have to thank you again...THANKS! Hope all's well on your end, Meredith

D’Lance Golf is a Top 50 ACCRA Shaft Technologist

April 3rd, 2015

A big part of what we do at D’Lance Golf Performance Center is working with the top shaft manufacturers in the world to provide better quality, consistency and performance in the clubs we build for our customers.  ACCRA Golf is one of those companies.  We have been working with their great team for over 10 years and find their quality and innovation in shaft technology to be at the very top of the industry.  We are fortunate to be among their top 50 Shaft Technologists for 2014.  We anticipate 2015 to be even better with the new FX and iTour series shafts being rolled out this spring.  Great job, ACCRA Golf!

Are You Giving Up 23 Yards of Distance with Your Driver?

February 12th, 2015

The Golf Digest 2015 Hot List issue had a very interesting article regarding distance “left on the tee” with your driver.  I am currently doing a parallel blog series about how to get 20 more yards with your driver.  The biggest reason to get that extra distance?  You will hit more greens in regulation and drop your scores (see my original blog post).  The summary of the Golf Digest article on p. 77 of the March 2015 issue is that golfers are not optimizing hitting the ball on the sweet spot, getting the best launch angle, and minimizing backspin.  As I mentioned in the article, it is most critical for golfers in the 65 to 85 mph driver swing speed range to get the optimum launch, spin and smash factor.  Here is an example.  I helped a young lady get 12 more yards (she only hit her driver 100 yards) by a few simple tweaks: Higher lofted driver Longer lighter, softer shaft Use a taller tee Position the ball a little closer to avoid hitting on the toe, and Use the softest ball we could find. A good fitting can uncover a lot of issues that can help you get... Read More

Did You Drop Your Handicap 70% in 2014?

December 18th, 2014

I know this sounds like a set-up but one of our customers dropped his handicap index from a 3.2 to 1.0 this year, a 70% decrease.  What was his secret?  The short game.  For low handicappers, dropping even one stroke is a big achievement.  Usually the low handicapper has a solid tee game and iron play so it comes down to chipping it close(r) and sinking more putts.  For an 18 handicapper to drop 70%, or 12.6 strokes would take a lot of work on all aspects of the golf game.  So what are your plans for next year to improve your handicap?  First, make your goals realistic.  Can you realistically drop your scoring average 2, 4 or 8 strokes?  Second, where are you losing strokes?  Off the tee?  Fairway to green?  Wedge approach shots?  Chipping?  Putting?  If you do not know where you are losing strokes to average, you may be working on the wrong things.  Some of your loss of strokes could be from improperly fit equipment so don’t count out the inconsistency in your game from that perspective.  Whatever your scoring goals are for 2015, remember that the more realistic you make them, the more fun it... Read More