What's New: From the Lab

Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Review

April 8th, 2019

The new Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow is the latest addition to the new Smoke line.  The Smoke Yellow continues the same counter balanced design as the original Yellow which will help reduce swing weight by up to three points in today’s modern drivers.  Featuring different materials, the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow will have a stiffer mid section which will make this shaft feel very stable from transition to impact.  This shaft is really more mid launch but still has pretty low spin in our testing.  Great not only for driver but fairway woods! The butt stiffness of the HZRDUS Smoke Yellow is pretty stout which is why the shafts are designated TS and TX for Tour Stiff and Tour X.  These shafts will play a full flex stiffer in the butt section versus a traditional S or X flex. The thing we also like about these shafts is that they are also a little higher torque so the feel will be a lot smoother even though the shafts have a stiff butt section and midsection.  Available in 6.0TS, TX and 6.5TS, TX in 60 gr (66-67) and 6.0TS, TX and 6.5TS, TX in 70 gr (76-78). Book your fitting to... Read More

Best Fairway Woods 2019

March 25th, 2019

We have tested a wide variety of fairway woods introduced in 2018-2019 and the results are not totally surprising.  There are some new models that are making some statements, like PXG and Tour Edge. How We Test All of our club testing is done with shafts that have been determined to be the best fit for our testers.  That way, the results are truly independent of the stock shaft a particular manufacturer may use.  Our testers range from low to high handicappers and swing speeds from 80 to 110 with a driver. Big Improvements in Performance Well, the changes in the way the USGA measures the legality of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids have given some clubs a tremendous amount of added distance.  I did an article on this a few years ago and the major manufacturers have jumped on the change from COR to CT measurements.  I also had it confirmed by the senior product director at one of the major manufacturers.  The best new fairway woods will show increases of 1-4 mph in ball speed, reduced spin and higher launch angles.  The result is that now you can hit a higher lofted fairway wood, a 4 wood for example... Read More

ACCRA Golf Shafts – A Perfect Match For Every Swing

March 20th, 2019

ACCRA Golf Shafts Exclusively for Clubfitters If you have not heard of ACCRA golf shafts, it is about time you did!  These shafts have been in the industry for years and are offered exclusively through a network of the most talented clubfitters and club builders in the world.  At D’Lance Golf Performance Center, we offer every shaft available from ACCRA.  We have tested all of them in our shaft profiling system and know EXACTLY which shaft(s) will work for your swing.  Here are the cool things to know about ACCRA shafts: Shafts for Beginners and Pros A lot of shaft companies focus only on the PGA Tour players and develop shafts strictly for that audience.  They hope that this will have a “trickle down” effect so the average golfer will buy those shafts.  The problem is, most golfers could never swing the shaft that the tour pros use!   So, ACCRA has made several different lines of shafts with different shaft profiles and different price points.  This means that the average golfer can get “fitted” with shafts that match THEIR swing but do not cost an arm and a leg.  From the iSeries to the RPG and Tour Z5 and Z6, ACCRA has a... Read More

New True Temper Light Weight Steel Shafts

March 14th, 2019

True Temper has added two new light weight steel shafts to their iron shaft product offerings.  Both of these new shafts offer their proprietary Vibration Suppression System (VSS) for golfers looking for relief from tendonitis or arthritis and do not want to switch to graphite shafts.  Here is our take on these new shafts: ELEVATE 95 with VSS Designed to launch higher and spin more than a traditional light weight steel shaft, these shafts are a good match for some of today’s modern low-spinning iron heads.  Great option here to help drop and stop on the green.  These shafts come in R and S flex in parallel tip (.370″) that allow us as club builders to dial in very specific stiffness numbers.  As with most iron shafts under 100 grams, do not expect these shafts to feel as stiff as say a Dynamic Gold S300.  We expect them to build to about a full flex softer than their stated flex.  Again, all of this depends upon length and swing weight.  Perfect for players with smooth tempos looking for an alternative to graphite. Dynamic Gold 95 with VSS Based upon some of the designs True Temper has done for the Japan... Read More

New Miura Wedges for 2019

March 14th, 2019

There are some new Miura wedges for 2019 that you should take a look at.  Specifically, the popular K-Grind wedge has been re-introduced as KGrind 2.0 and it looks sweet!  Of course all Miura clubs including these wedges are hand crafted to the highest quality.  New innovations include a more modern sole design with heel and toe relief as well as new options in lofts (52 to 60 degree) and higher bounces.  And, the face grooves are now milled for better spin on mid to full shots. By design, the flutes in the sole of the wedge serve to keep the face square to the target through all types of turf and bunker conditions. And, there is a new HB Wedge coming in about 45 days that you will want to check out! Sign up today for an iron or wedge fitting! Dan Sueltz

Wedge Fitting for Bounce and Grind

March 7th, 2019

Wedge fitting for bounce and grind goes beyond the more common fitting for loft and lie.  Wedges, especially any wedge over 52 degrees of loft, are used for shots that require touch and execution. See our Wedge Fitting guide here for more on lofts and lies. What shaft should you play in your wedges?  See our recommendations here… Bounce The type of ground you are playing from (rough, hard pan, sand, fairway, deep rough) and the type of swing plane you have (shallow/sweeper, neutral, steep/digger) will determine what bounce you should ideally have on your wedges.  In general, the tighter the lie, the lower the bounce you want on your wedge to avoid “bouncing” off the ground or sand, especially with a shallow to neutral swing plane.  The deeper the rough or softer the sand, the more bounce you need to avoid having the club “stick” and not slide through the shot.  For example, my home course recently renovated all of the sand bunkers and put in new sand.  Because it was so fluffy, I have to go to a high bounce sand wedge so the wedge could bounce off the fluffy new sand.  For normal municipal courses, the sand... Read More

Mizuno ST190 Drivers

February 21st, 2019

Book Your Driver Fitting Here! It has been a long time coming but Mizuno ST190 drivers are going to make a dent in the very competitive driver market.  Over the last say 4 years, Mizuno has made a big push to expand their market share beyond just irons, wedges and hybrids.  To be very honest, the technology may have been there, but golfers just were not into looking at a blue crown.  And, with very little presence on tour, it was still a tough sell. Well, all that has changed here with the new ST190 and ST190G drivers. Incorporating a very forgiving and fast SP700Ti face, light Cortech technology and a composite crown, these drivers LOOK like they will deliver the speed and accuracy.  And in our preliminary testing, ball speeds are up from last year’s models, smash factors in the 1.48-1.50 range and a bit more consistency than other models we tested.  Again, just a few preliminary tests but so far so good. The ST190 (on the right in the photo) is the most forgiving head designed for slightly higher launch and spin than the ST190G.  But, the ST190G weights can be moved to adjust for height and spin... Read More

Mizuno JPX-919 Hot Metal Pro Irons!

February 18th, 2019

Wow!  What a great addition the JPX-919 Hot Metal Pro makes to the JPX-919 lineup!  This is not the first time Mizuno has done a “Pro” version of one of its lines and probably will not be the last. If you are transitioning from some cavity back or even muscle back irons and want a little more bang for your buck, the JPX-919 Hot Metal Pro should be on your radar!  Not all that much smaller than the standard model, the Pro model offers a slightly thinner top line and less offset, with all of the technology of the original JPX-919 Hot Metal. While we have done a LOT of combo sets with the JPX-919 Forged, the new JPX-919 Pro will offer the same look in a combo set.  What’s not to love about this great new addition to the Mizuno JPX-919 line? Book your Iron Fitting Here! Dan Sueltz

Hot New Driver Shafts for 2019

February 11th, 2019

There are a lot of new driver shafts hitting the market in 2019.  This looks to be an exciting array of shafts with a lot of different characteristics.  The list below is in alphabetical order so there is no bias in our list.  We test all of these shafts in our lab and with our testing crew so we know how these shafts will perform.  Let me try to break this down into the type of new driver shaft that may work for you. Book Your Driver Fitting Now!   Strong, Aggressive Swing Looking for Stability There are a lot of great new shafts to look for in this category:  High swing speed, medium to fast tempo and transition, and mid to late release.  And the nice thing is they come in heavier weights to handle the shaft loading.  Here are our top picks: ACCRA Tour Z RPG, TZ 5 and TZ 6 Aerotech TI Fiber Tour 70 Aldila Rogue Tour Silver 130 Fujikura VENTUS and Speeder TR Graphite Design Tour AD IZ  LA Golf TPHDE and Black Tie Mitsubishi CK Pro White and Kuro Kage XD OBAN Airburst 65 Paderson Ballistic Tour  Project X EvenFlow White T1100 and HZRDSU... Read More

Getting the Right Iron Shaft For Your Clubs

February 7th, 2019

                          There are so many new iron shafts coming this year it will make your head spin!  But it is interesting that with all of the new iron shafts, the major manufacturers pick a few stock “no upcharge” options, and then give you little or no guidance as to why they have chosen those shafts.  We can help you pick from our database of over 400 iron shafts to get your optimum performance!  And, this works for re-shafting your current irons as well as for a new set! The Most Important Iron Shaft Fitting Characteristics In our fitting experience over the last 20-plus years, we have found these to be the most important iron shaft fitting characteristics.  Weight, Flex, Launch and Spin.  Of course, when you are building an iron the factors of length, loft, lie and swing weight or MOI come into play as well. Book Your Iron Fitting NOW!  Weight There are several factors that go into determining weight of the shaft.  Probably the most important factors for determining shaft weight are the golfers Tempo and Transition as well as club head or swing speed, and... Read More