D’Lance History


D’Lance Golf has been in the custom club fitting and custom club building business since 1997.  The company has fit over 11,000 golfers and builds over 10,000 tour built clubs annually.  In 2004, D’Lance Golf developed an integrated custom club fitting and custom club building system.  The system contains D’Lance Golf’s proprietary fitting algorithm to recommend how clubs should be built to match a golfer’s unique swing.  D’Lance Golf has also incorporated into the fitting system its proprietary research on shafts.

The founder of D’Lance, has spent over 10 years developing a proprietary fitting system BGF (Better Golf…Faster.) The intent of the fitting process is to take into account all of the factors of the individual golfer that, when coupled with properly fit AND built equipment, will help the golfer improve his or her golf game immediately.  The BGF system incorporates the latest in technology to identify the key equipment factors that will help the golfer improve, and then validate the results objectively using launch monitors to show improvement in distance, accuracy, consistency and ball flight.


D’Lance Golf has profiled thousands of shafts to utilize the BGF Fitting system.  D’Lance tests the flex, torque, butt stiffness, tip stiffness, bend point, launch and spin rates of every shaft.  This measured information is uploaded into the Fitting system allowing fitters to pin point the right shaft for a customer during their fitting sessions.


In 2013, we started developing shaft recommendation apps for individuals that were interested in learning more about what shafts may fit their swing, and where to go to get a proper clubfitting.  There are now two apps, MyGolfShafts Lite and MyGolfShafts Pro that allow users to quickly get a shaft recommendation with or without detailed launch monitor data.  The next app to be released will be the MyGolfShafts Tour version which is designed for clubfitters and instructors, as well as those individuals interested in having more detail about shafts and their shaft recommendations.  For more information, go too www.mygolfshafts.com.


D’Lance has expanded the business by developing additional fitting studio locations at learning centers and club fitting centers in addition to our existing facility in Englewood, Colorado.  We have licensed our fitting system to Golf Etc. of America for exclusive use in their retail fitting centers and fitting studios.  We train and certify  fitters and club builders for new and existing Golf Etc. franchises.  We will be implementing the BGF (Better Golf…Faster) fitting system in all new Golf Etc. franchises.  Golfers can take full advantage of the best custom club fitting and club building services in the industry at a Golf Etc. location in the U.S. and Europe.